What are your talents? your skills? what you are good at? what you wanted to do all your life?on here, do share, do express yourself, and DO attract the right people who can help you to reach and fulfill your vision ..remember" help me help you".
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  • Hi modesttreasure ,
    welcome to the group :-)
  • I am a horseback Riding Instructor, Horse Broker, Equine Therapist, I know the power of this partnership intrigrated into lifes of those through a powerful relationship of working together. Horses have a very intuitive gift of understanding peoples soul, empowering basic insticts into caring, loving, understanding through touch, working together through body, voice, movement, building character in both.
  • I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have fibromyalgia, which means I am in a state of unrelenrting pain that limits me from doing things I need to do, I am here to learn.
  • welcome all, thanks for joining, more will come up soon, I need help!
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I am a good Mother

I am patientI am kindI am lovingI am creativeI am a good listenerI am resourcefulI am fun lovingI am tolerantI was a great mother for babies, for tots, for school goersI am now the mother of teens, and I am not great at it all yet, it is more challenging than the other times of my childrens growth and development, I need to work more and faster on myself to keep up to the challenges that my teens present but I am still a happy and fulfilled MotherI am a healer, I became a healer because all…

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