I AM SO WORTH IT supports and empowers, "Women who have gone through bad relationships to feel better about themselves."
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  • Welcome Samantha to I AM SO WORTH IT :-)

    Hope this group will bring you joy and 'good vibes' :-)


    Have a great week-end! *****

  • "Welcome Angela to I AM SO WORTH IT :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful time of inspiration in this group*




  • Welcome, dear Vegan Girl :-)

    Enjoy your time in this group.

    Hope you will find many things and the connection with other members most helpful.


    Have a wonderfully blessed day!




  • Hello Jody.

    "Welcome to I AM SO WORTH IT" ~ Happy to see you here.

    May this group provide a wonderful experience for you :-)



  • ~ "Welcome to I AM SO WORTH IT, dear N-Light" - May this group be an enlightening experience for you* - Enjoy! ~
  • Good Morning and welcome to I AM SO WORTH IT, dear Raphaella and S. * - Wishing you both a wonderful time with this group.

    Love & Peace,


  • 6248367464?profile=original"Love this photo by Olek. To me it says: "All is One & One is All" :-)
  • @Ruthie: I LIKE ;-)
  • I am soooo happy to be here!!!  Thank you Yvonne and my darling Morning *Star*:))).  I am looking forward to 'meeting' the rest of you lovely ladies and empowering and supporting each other. 


    Girl (woman??!!:))) Power!!!!


    Love, Ruthie x x x

  • @ Megan: You are very welcome. Glad you are here :-)


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Give and Take ....

  “ All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take. ”     ― Mahatma Gandhi"What do you guys think?" - What's your personal experience with 'Give and Take'?Have a great week-end everyone* :-) 

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Something to think about*

“Watch your thoughts, for they imprint your feelings; Watch your feelings, for they tint your words;Watch your words, for they turn into actions; Watch your actions, for they become habits;Watch your habits, for they become character;Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”(* re-written by Yvonne Love) Quotes at: http://iamsoworthit.weebly.com/quotes.html

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