Something to think about*

“Watch your thoughts, for they imprint your feelings;
 Watch your feelings, for they tint your words;
Watch your words, for they turn into actions;
 Watch your actions, for they become habits;
Watch your habits, for they become character;
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”
(* re-written by Yvonne Love)


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  • How beautiful Elizabeth!

    Did you compose this?


    Thank you for sharing.



  • "Did I?" ... smiles :-)


  • Thank you for your very revealing reply, Elizabeth.


    Isn't it amazing how Law Of Attraction works? ;-)

    It is a thought-process that many of us are still to learn. It can be challenging when the ego gets in the way. We must be able to first recognize the voice of ego in us which wants to keep us back. Every negative thought-feeling is dictated by ego. Once we understand this we will be able to take a moment and re-think our thoughts and recognize them for what they are.

    They are often coming from FEAR.

    (F) = False

    (E) = Evidence

    (A) = Appearing

    (R) = Real.


    Most of all we are to ...

    ...."refrain from doing upon us and treating ourselves the way we would not treat another person".

    I believe that especially women often fall trap into down-grading themselves by making everybody else better and more important than oneself.

    This has nothing to do with being humble, it is a learned thought-pattern to not be selfish, which selfish to me is something else. Selfish means to still pursue an object or a goal while knowing that it brings harm to someone else.

    Yet, caring, loving, respecting and completely accepting ourselves is never selfish but our duty and responsibility in order to be strong and able to function to contribute to the Whole!

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