Are you playing a big Game?

I love this community because of what it call into action. The Law Of Attraction is about creating and living a life you love. If not that then what? Right!So, I want to know what you are up to and how big of a game you are playing. I have noticed from my training in personal development and as a life coach that the people that have the most "problems and complaints" are really not up to much. On the contrary the people I know that are playing big game and up to big things in the world don't have the time to be so trivial and caught in their same ole story from the past.My life is so full and I am up to a very big game. When I am on it and the past is in my future I notice that I am resisting who I am and what I am calling forth. Life just seems so significant in those times and my attention is all on me. Uck, it really feels heavy.So my work is in reminding myself who I am and what I am up to. It is also reminding you of who you are what what you said you were up to. This is why I became a life coach and a life long student of personal development. You can learn about me by clicking here.I help people lose weight fast, have physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, make $$$'s. I market for a local business 4 hours per day, I am registered in two business and marketing courses, two leadership courses and a seminar. I am a Dad of three teenage girls, and two adult sons and somehow still finding some time for my wife and myself to have a life and some romance.If you asked me how I pull it off, I simply don't know.When I am really in my head about it my dear wife reminds me to just get back in action. That I do. I am here to tell you if it were all about what I was doing the results would be much less. What I get is that it is about who I am being.I want to know what you are up to. I want to encourage you to take on a bigger game. The universe will work it out if you just communicate and stay in action. I want to share with you my free report on weight loss (click here). I want to invite you to get in touch with me if you want a coach to help you. (click here) The first consultation session is free. And I want to share with you an amazing opportunity to make money and help so many people in need.(click here)Let me know the game you are up to and may we all be a demonstration of the Law of Attraction at work in our life.Namaste',Robert Stewart

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  • Thank you Kurt! I get your commitment
  • Hi Robert.... So great to feel your passion from here. I have longed to dwell in a circle of like minded beings with passion and meaning in their lives such as yours. I also am a life long student, teacher and mentor. I live in a state of peace and passion for all those in my path. I love to give of myself wholeheartedly in every moment. People need so much help and guidance. Thanks for offering your wisdom and light here and now. I hope we might cross paths someday. God bless and praise you. Nomaste' ~ Kurt.
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