• Funny how that gratitude thing works. I attended a movie theater a few weeks back and after about ten minutes into the show the fire alarm went off. It was a false alarm of course and after about 40 minutes we returned to watch the rest of the movie, no harm no foul. An employee was standing outside the theater after the show to give us a pass for our next visit for the inconvenience which was very much appreciated. So my friend and I ran into the washroom before leaving and as I was standing there I looked at the pass wanting to find a email address to send a letter of gratitude to management for their pass, I was very grateful I didnt have to go ask for one. With that thought of gratitude only and nothing else I left the washroom and low and behold (and it never surprises me) there was another employee there waiting thinking we had just left the theater without our passes and handed us each another. The power of thought is endless, the power of gratitude is beyond my understanding but it never surprises me.
  • I am beginning to understand the law of attraction and to living a more awakened life. I am grateful for what you are doing for people who choose to create their lives, instead of having others create it for them. I just sent you a friend request on facebook. I look forward to our friendship.
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