Greatful question that is on the edge of morals?

I have a question...I went to do some last minute grocery shoppping a few minutes ago. When I was checking out at the cashier, I made an effort to be nice...I mean I was myself and just jolly and happy. The cashier smiled and took in my energy. Then this older woman comes over and helps her bag and says something about a TV show...The younger cashier says she doesnt have time to keep up with TV. The older one then says OH Yeah with 7 kids at home I forgot...The young girl just says... Yeah....can't do much with 7 kids to take care of and 2 aren't even mine.The Question is ....Is it wrong for me to feel greatful that I am NOT in that situation? I am VERY greatful for that. I am truly greatful I don't have 7 kids at home waiting to be fed and disciplined and all that. ALthough I would like to raise a child one day or maybe a few, I can't see myself having 7 children in my life...Wow. Unless it's what she wanted and we could manage together somehow. But single and 7 kids? I am not saying it's bad, but wow. Was it wrong for that older lady to mention the kids like that? What do you think?

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  • Hi Joey,
    Although life may be undoubtedly difficult in material ways I am sure those 7 children bring their own rewards.
    Remember that loneliness is a major factor in depression,heartache etc-she will have no danger of that.
    It is difficult to put yourself into anothers shoes as we all have our own paths.

    Love and blessings
  • I don't think it's bad for you to feel grateful for that. A lot of people wouldn't like having 7 kids to raise. But I am glad for that woman. From what I understood she was taking care of those kids (the extra two) because she wanted to. If she didn't what would be of those kids? If I were in your place I'd feel glad/grateful for having met someone nice/generous like that. The world is full of bad people nowadays, and meeting good people is like "Oh, there is hope..." :)
  • I guess it depends on how the actual people felt - whether they chose their situations intentionally, or not.

    The younger woman might well have chosen to have 7 children - especially if 2 of them were not her own.

    The older lady might enjoy her time watching tv, or it may be that she only watched it because she had nothing better to do.

    I don't know about America, or other countries, but here in the UK people tend to talk about tv or the weather just to make small talk. They are just being polite and friendly. It doesn't necessarily mean a great deal.
  • Unfortuanately the older lady did think she was being sympathetic when she mentioned the 7 kids. Remember it is the choice of the young cashier to be blessed with 7 kids. It is her choice and it is your choice not to have 7 kids. Is is not wrong for you to feel blessed that you do not have 7 kids. When you are ready for kids the right number will come your way. Have a blessed day.
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