11:11 again for me, ok, I get it.

  I saw 11:11 again this am.  I knew it was a msg of some form. 

So I sat on the carpet, and I said thank u, and sat in silence for a bit.


I know it is for me to get back on track,

and that I am not alone


but I dont know what else it means


I am going to get some web pages going for donations


maybe it will work and I will be on my way to getting better


and then I can go back to being a lightworker

and helping others


I really want to be an advocate for lymies.  my new life mission.


to be well again, and help other lymies for the rest of my life, well hopefully there will be better treatment by then.

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  • Eric,

    Relax and enjoy the ride.  Bring frustration up a notch to HOPE.  The best advice I can give you is to project GRATITUDE as an INTENTION for those things that are working for you and that you are grateful for.  Fell the focus of the LOVE from the UNIVERSE as it is squarely focused on humanity right now.  Remamber that this is a process and not a race.  I have done a lot of research and reading on the ASCENSION and that really helped me to understand it better and to be able to internalize how to BE.  Hope this helps!  There is a whole bunch of information on this site.  Start digging and relax!


  • One soul, one body, one universe, one connection.


  • check out "angel numbers" and there meanings

  • I ask for help to accomplish big goals and my family wants to medicate me. YAY! I feel blessed to have found this forum.

  • I recently have seen 11:11 on my clock at night for the last 5 nights in a row I happen to look at it... It just makes me feel even more lost. What am I supposed to be doing? No one will listen to me and all I want to do is run away. I am losing more and more touch with reality... I don't understand anything anymore... and everyone else is like "It's ok... something will change." I try to tell them they actually have to DO something for a change and I get met with anger and hostility. What's the point, Angels?

  • I feel like I see 11:11 almost constantly, I try not to think too much of it though, especially now since I've started noticing it more it's almost like I'm looking for it.

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