Hello All,I noticed on one of the links that I was reading about Indigo Adults that we usually have a lot of sensitivities to most wondering if anyone here has noticed this and has it gotten any better or do you just learn to live with it?It seems that the more I heal...the more I find that I'm sensitive to. Actually I think I was sensitive to these things most of my life and have just discovered it as I've gotten older and decided to detox and heal. Now I find that there are only a few foods that I can eat that my body doesn't get upset over.I was always chided as a kid for being 'overly sensitive' and I'm learning that yes...I am sensitive and there isn't a dang thang wrong with that! :) I'm just amazed at how many people there are in the world that are in-sensitive!I'd love to hear other's comments on all of this.NamasteItaya

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  • I have a lot of sensitivities, since being at work, I am sick more than I am healthy
    even know, I have all this clear phlem that is on my lungs, I keep coughing
    I think I am allergic to work,
    I don't like going to the same place 5 days a week
    every week, it's old. I don't do well with confominity

    I am more sensititive to things now, I don't know what to eat anymore
    I just drink water, tea, coffee,
    orange juice from stores bother me...........
  • I agree,i agree,,,,,I have been very sensitive since i can remember.It is a difficult journey for me but the awareness i have is worth every day of getting up.I would really like to talk to someone with this situation.Thx.,,,jim
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  • I never had problem with anything... food, allergies ect. Havent thought of it before but about 3 years ago in my mid 20s which also is when i got more in touch with the spiritual side of me i ve started having bad digestion cant eat all foods even the ones i like. If you hate me can make me eat anything fried or spicy. lol

    Dont know if this related to being and Indigo though, is it?

    Love and Light

    J x
  • Has anybody had problems with their bladder? It's inner lining is irritated, not infected, and the doctor thinks it might be an allergy to something? Any ideas?
  • I find when I begin eating foods and drinking teas of my ancestral make-up, I lost most of my allergies. Also, eating in season and foods indigenous to the climatic area has cleared certain mental and physical discomforts.

  • Thanks to the both of you for the warm welcome.

    It truely is my honor to meet you and to be here.

    Beth, what did you mean when you said you developed a sensitivity to alcohol? I think that the same thing has or is happening to me. It like the quanity that I can drink is decreasing. I used to be able to drink LOTS of beer but now I get hammered off of like 3. I have just quit all together and guess that is what I need to do, but I will dearly miss some of the social interactions that come along with it. I honestly am not very socil without it.

    It is again an honor to be here
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  • Hello All,

    This is my very first post on this or any board since I actually discovered that there were others like me and a name for it as well. I'll keep it to sentivities and contain my enthusesam:

    sentivitities I have and always have had:

    Perfume, can not be around it. includeing soap fragrence

    Background Noise

    Loud Noise including music

    Bare feet on smooth concrete

    Chalkboard Fingers

    Cutting or slicing of flesh or skin, whether its raw chicken, dead fish, or surgery

    Electrical equipment-particularly big equipment like building service

    High voltage Electrical wires- I maddly researched and bought a bio-electric sheild w/o knowing that such a produt existed it works. and largly helped me breakthrough.

    Dead end spaces

    Outside Corners


    Highly researched marketing manupulation- ie: retailer know HOW people approach and puruse thier stores and layout accordingly. I cannot spend a minute in a mall.

    Sit or stand with back to door or flow pattern

    Raw edges

    Points or blades

    The thought of snapping bones

    Joints (elbows or Knees) hyperextending

    Scars that have indention (healed cuts that do not protrude)

    Hard surfaces rubbing together (metal to metal for example)



    Food mixed together (can touch but no mixed)

    Hurt children (kid bumps head for example)

    Hurt Animal

    Dusty Sand on feet ( only some sand is dusty some sand is heavenly on feet-I wont even wash it off before going to bed)

    sustained monopitch

    talking over talking

    talking over music/tv

    Buzzing from a bluetooth

    Cell phone next to face - I feel the radation way before anyone was concerned about it

    Air conditioner noise

    Fan blowing directly on me

    Fan noise

    Bent Back Fingernails ( I do not want to sound like a wuss, I am tough but this bothers me to even think about)

    That feeling on you teeth after you drink a coke

    Red Wine - get blue lips and extermely drunk after two glasses

    Milk - I think I lost my tolerance because I don't drink it. I love icecream though ( in moderation believe me )

    Beer - I react very differently than anyone I know - I get drunker than anyone else with the same quanity

    I Know that I probally have a few more but these are the major ones. People around me have always called me the princess and the pea, becuse of these quirks. I am a guy btw.

    Thanks it is a honor to be here
    • Hi Ridingawave and Welcome to the Group!

      I'm sure you've read many of the posts on here and you know by now
      that there are many that can relate to quite a few of your sensitivities.

      Now you don't have to feel so much like 'The Princess (or Prince) and the Pea' as I've also been called in
      times past...LOL.

      Many Blessings to You,
  • HI, I am sensitive to the attitude of people.... towrads feloow living elements of the universe. Even their attitude towards people around the.
    I can sense a person from his body, specially face and by one minute talk... about his down look on any one... and I do feel very sensitive towards it....
    I always feel that God had made every one equal... The one who looks down on some one is not very good person and that person has to change himself.
    I am sensitive to the limit, that if there is an killing far off.... I feel like crying, just thinking about the person who was killed and those who make it their act to spoil one beautifll creation of the God...
  • ive been a sensitive all of my life...have learned to develop a strong side now and so now am quite balanced :)
    im sensitive to the energies of others and i feel alot of discord of negativity within them i take my leave.....have learned to use my sensitivity to work FOR me and NOT against me....few years ago i developed a sensitivity to blue dye...ugh.
    had to change the bath soap, the laundry soap..was a real pain in the butt. gotta be careful bout that or i get really bad rashes. my ears have also gotten more sensitive and i cant wear just any type ear ring.....that too is a pain LOL
    recently my senstive nature was used to sense the presence of an angel behind a young woman who was in a wheelchair.
    i was at the airport picking up my youngest daughter. guess what ive learned over the years is how to use my sensitivity to work FOR me ( and others ) stuff.
    much love,
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