I just gave away my best friend.

I don't know how to make this work, I had these female cats I saved and they had beautiful babies and I have been finding homes for the babies and I got this call tonight from this young woman who wanted a kitten for her grandmother because her grandfather just died and her grandmother was so sad and feeling so alone. When I started talking to her I realized a kitten was not what she needed she needs my cat Sam. Sam is one year old and the most wonderful cat I have ever know. I love him with all my heart but this woman needs him. I am hoping maybe we can become friends and I will still get to see him. I just want to know if that is the right thing to do.

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  • Oh, you're such a lovely person.

    I know what you mean by a pet being needed more by someone else, than you. I gave my cat Isis to my sister after a serious hospitalization. She kept talking about Isis and I realized my sister needed Isis more and that the two would be a good fit. It was the right thing for me. Every time I call her up, I get Isis updates.

    If you do it, let us know how it works out and if you visit Sam often.

    I don't see Isis anymore as we're in two different cities, but I still have to say it was the right thing to do. (I know the reply is a little late, but better fashionably late than never!)
    • Hi ya Linda , any update on giveing away Sam ?
    • Hi Linda,
      you truly are a very kind, generous and warm-hearted person and what you would like to do to help that old lady feel better is a very noble gesture, indeed, but I'm not sure whether your cat will be able to understand the reason for your behaviour or not.
      Are you sure he will understand the reason why you are giving him to another person he doesn't even know?
      Moreover, cats are very territorial, so, are you sure he will like his new home and neighbourhood?
      There are lots of abandoned cats that can make wonderful companions, maybe you should get one of them for that old lady...
    • It feels right, it feels like maybe I was just suppose to bring him here.

      Thank you for your love.

      Linda Marie
    • Maybe this is a strange question, but have you asked sam how he feels ? I know a few people who r very connected to there animals , and they can communicate with them . Maybe you can see how Sam and grams get along before you decide ? Good luck I know you will know what to do .
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