Abraham Hicks on sensitive people

Abraham's description of the vibrational signature of sensitive people...I really loved this description. It resonates so much with my experience and its nice to have it described in this way...just wanted to share just in case it resonates with someone else who is emotionally sensitive.Q: What does being sensitive mean, vibrationally?A: It means that life has caused her stream to move fast, and when she is not, for whatever reason, up to speed with that stream, she takes it harder. It means she has high standards of vibration, She is intolerant of contradictory energy...don't you just love knowing that...

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    • I believe I understand, Jim. I have realized that I have very few 'friends' that I share time with. I am quite content being at home reading or playing with my cats, or making friends on the internet. It doesn't bother me...I used to be a really sociable person with a huge social life...I lived in other countries and made a lot of friends, but that doesn't seem to be happening any more. I feel pretty content...but I would still like to have a few close friends and relationships to share with. That's what I am working on now. Quality...instead of Quantity.
    • I spend a lot time alone. I do enjoy being with other people, but for short periods of time.

      I want to have 'regular' friends, to go to the movies with, play tennis, that kind of regular stuff. I
      have gone to the movies so many times by myself, and granted you don't talk to anyone while watching a film, but I don't enjoy sitting there by myself anymore.

      I choose to have more like minded friends to talk to, to really talk to.

      the aspect of knowing, even if a person is saying oh, I am doing fine, and you know otherwise, yup. Yet, I rather have those kinds of people in my life now, cause I don't want to go to the movies by myself anymore,
      you know what I mean...
  • @ Cleone...can only smile to that.

    Love to you too :-)
  • I "transcripted" it from their Alaska cruise 2007 workshop. CD4. You can buy their CDs online. They covered a lot of material on "sensitives", mostly in relation to autistic kids but I found it very empowering and enlightening.
  • i am not sure i understand this ,can someone explain?
    • My knowing is that "sensitives" or "indigos" have emotional goals that are more defined and refined...like we want to feel good but want others also to feel good with us, we want harmony, unconditional love, joy, generosity more than others do...whether we know this or not...
      When we do not allow ourselves to be in those states, maybe because we allow others to control us and redefine our emotional goals...(usually by telling us to be less emotional lol) then we feel discordant very quickly and intensely.
    • Hey Crystaleve

      Thanks for explaining it makes sense to me now! I had that all my life... from young i was the senisitive and been told not to be whilist i thought i was quite strong. And i was actually strong, was expressing myself and was free.. when i tried to show less sensitivity i became emotionally weak...
  • yeah, i like this, thanks for sharing
  • That's awesome, thanks for posting that!
  • This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!

    Peace & Blessings,

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