This is a question I feel strongly about. I know I came to this plane for a reason and that I will return to another existence when I finish my task. While not really thrilled with the thought of pain, I have never feared death. It's merely going home to me. Everyone will return home at some time but many do not know or realize it at this time.

Just curious on others perception of this.

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  • Just happened onto your post from March 14th.  I am really new to PI and just joined the Indigo club today.  Since you posted several months ago have you been able to shake the fear for humanity?  I spent a lot of time trying to educate people on what is going on in the world and did not get very far.  I have totally lost all fear and feel this incredible excitement about this shift that we are going through called ASCENSION.  I have been better served and way more successful waking up some of the Indigo's and Crystals that are in my life and it has been far more gratifying.  One of my sisters friends has a Rainbow child and those parents need to be shown who they are so they understand the nature of their own children.  Western medicine likes to diagnose Rainbow's with ADD or ADHD and put them on drugs.  The public school system attempts to stuff their minds with non-useful information.

    Hope this helps!



  • I would like to share an experience with you. Last year I was in coma for 5 days and I died. I am so lucky to be here but today I have lost all my memory from that time and also a lot from before. I did not know who or what I am before this. I just had a problem with authority and travelled all the time. Thought outside of the box and generally wondered what is going on. I know who I am now and also know a miracle happened and I am ment to be here and do whatever it is I have to do. Since I have found this site and have people to talk to I am not afraid of death. I am more afraid of our goverments and plans to hurt the world and its people. So I will do all I can to educate and help people and when my time comes to leave it will be to do something else. Thank you for listening and it's so wonderful to share xx

  • Thank you for your response Glama, This question has been out there for a while with no other responses..

    I will admit I am surprised at the lack of response...

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