Calling all Indigos and Light Workers!

Where are all of us? Why are we so disjointed? We need to come together as a family and help heal the world. That's why we're here and none of us can do it alone. We need to find eachother and show one another love so as to give one another strength. it's too hard to be alone through this highly vibrational and connected time. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been feeling these higher vibrations really strongly recently- there's something going on, a huge shift- and we need to be together for it.

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  • Hi,

    I am a new Member here but I like what you had to say.


  • i am here! nice to see a place where other people that feel indigo can meet and exchange information.....i`m completely new here and am looking for answers that i`m sure many others are looking for as well....i have very strong musical ability and a world view that many would consider to be radical or related to that of conspiracy theorists...i want to use music as a catalyst to bring people together and expand knowledge from this foundation. i also feel that i have a strong ability to sense other peoples feelings and some mild psychic abilities, mostly intuition...i can`t read minds or anything like that.

  • Hi Andrea! 


    Some of the symptoms I have experienced in the last several years are pain, particularly in the feet, ringing in the ears, flu-like symptoms, vertigo, heart palpitations, strange graphic dreams, headaches.  Symptoms come and go.  I have experienced accentuated feelings of peace and wellbing, particularly since 12.12.12 and this is ongoing and increasing.    The key is to follow inner guidance and accept the love and support that is around us at all times from our guides, angels and ascended Masters, etc., who are only too willing to help us transition.  With the higher vibrations deep healing can occur very quickly.

  • Hi there Gabby Stardust, nice to meet another Indigo.  Here's my take on what's going on ... with the new energies all are being asked to clear our karmic blockages and Indigos are no exception. 


    What I do is stay grounded, keep my heart open to new possibilities, listen to my higher guidance and agree to do my life's mission which means clearing all blocks and resistance.  I can connect with my soul group in meditation and join with them energetically.  This can be very empowering and helps quell feelings of isolation and loneliness.  I also remember that the most empowering prayer (for me) is to simply ask for help.  If you would like some help that is specific for you where you are at on your journey, contact me by email :-)


    Thank you for your post.  Much love to you.


  • I wasn't around when this got posted originally, but I agree
  • Yes! I know when I meet another. There are actually a lot of us out there and I think we're starting to connect more. Most of us might not know the term "indigo", but I've explained it to several people I'm close with and they get it because it makes sense to them and its something they've felt all their lives. I think it's great to talk to one another and come together. My friends and I do healing work together and it's so powerful when there are many people involved!
  • "I'm dying to meet anyone like me"


    What does that look like? Tell us about yourself.

  • Agreed! I'm dying to meet anyone like me
  • The physical manifestations are interesting to me. I would like to digress and also hear what each of you have been feeling.
    About a month ago my body began some full blown inflammatory response that is only controlled with high levels of steroids. Every, and i mean every test has been run with no diagnosis. The pain has been so severe at times i just lay there and cry. Seeing that others are having physical manifestations has given some internal feeling that what is happening to me is related to the earth changes....
  • I for one am experiencing a lot of body aches, fatigue and dizziness in last several months as the energies sky rocket. Really has me feeling down sometimes. Resistance is futile though :)  I think the physical bodies are in the process of transmutation to the new dimensional energy - so we can ascend to the 5th dimension and onward. Also there are a lot of changes in our DNA - so we can actualize our full potential.

    For me, I'm just going to go with the flow - let it happen and take me where it will. If any of you need reassurance, by all means, reach out and ask for what you need. But all of us are being cared for by our higher selves/guides and what have you. Each of us, individually, needs to take the necessary steps to clear out anything that is old, heavy and no longer relevant for the new way of life we are heading for.
    I would be very interested to know what each of you is experiencing in the way of symptoms to the new energy now - what your insights are and any other words of wisdom.
    Hang in there - it's all GOOD.
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