Can two indigos have a relationship?

I just found out that I am an Indigo. Ironically it was from another Indigo that  a friend suggest that I meet.This man and I hit it off right from the very start and are going to be seeing each other tomorrow. He was the one who told me about Indigo Adults .This discovery has explained so much about why I am the way I am and is truly a life changing moment for me.

My question now is, can the two of us have a great relationship or the exact opposite? We have both been single for a couple of years having not found a connection with anyone else,before now.I was starting to think it was just Me and that there was something "wrong" with me.I have been told so many times that I have the need to prove myself,but I have never felt that.I have been told that I hold standards too high but I just dont want to "settle" like I have in the past both on a professional and personal level.

Can my new friend and I actually be together?

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  • Thanks Joe,Its all actually moot point now. Although we spent a great time together the subject of his ex arose a littel too often for my liking so I finally asked if he would go back to her if he could and the answer was yes. And that means my answer was good bye.

    I too have completely lost my inclination to be around "normal" humans.Its all so tiring after awhile.And it strange but I seem to attract very needy ones who "think" that I am fascinating or "the one" while all the while I think the exact opposite.

    I too am an insomniac(suprised Not) and at times I wish I could just sleep like "they" do. But although the body says yes the mind says no way I have too much to think about lol.

    I have extreme Deja Vu as well. I used to blame it on my great grandmother being an actual gypsy and now I wonder if she too was Indigo.My latest thoughts are. Is it genetic?


  • I think I had a four year relationship with an indigo (we broke up because two insomniacs make for horrible sleeping) fact I'm NOT sure I've had a relationship with a regular person. My relationship before that lasted six years and I'm fairly positive she was an Indigo. It was fireworks, BOTH good and bad...there were several times that I had Extreme Deja the point that I saw us doing the same thing but we were different people...For example we were walking to my car at dusk and as I peered through the window for an instant I saw a vision of a woman who looked extremely similar to her but was not the same person.

    In my experience Indigos will go through a period of tine when they ONLY want to be around other Indigos...We feel alien to normal humans...I don't even understand they way they think...So I think can have a healthy relationship...of course I'm hardly an expert.

  • Thank you!

    I have always settled in my past relationships and just didnt realise it. During the last two years I have dated and never felt any connection at all. I tried to undertand why this was happening and I blamed it on being hurt in the past. I even tried to tell myself that maybe I wasnt capable of falling in love again..

    My friend and I are already finding that we "understand" where the other is coming from especially in areas that others would deem "weird" or outside the box. It is almost eerie how much we are alike. I will take your advice to heart.

  • The key word that I read in your post was "Settle". If this means someone else has to always reach your level in life and they have to agree with your perception then you may run into problems. If you view this relationship a an opportunity to be both teacher and student and you open your mind that there are other approaches that are just as valid as your, only different, then it may work out.

    You may agree on many areas but you will find some that you don't. Just see it a a different path. You don't have to accept it for your own. You do need to understand it is valid from your friends perspective. You may be finishing each others sentences and in the beginning that is magical. Later on you may start to resent that you can't get your ideas or position vocalized, especially if you are misinterpreted.

    Two Indigos are not really different than other people but maybe a bit more aware or sensitive to unspoken influences.

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