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I am new here. Incredibly grateful to have found this space. I not only want to meet other indigo's online, I want to connect, build, work with other children of the light. Lets work together towards the future and life we all imagine for this earth and its inhabitants. I am an artist based in the nyc/nj area and would love to connect with other people in my area. I envision us all being able to do so in our respective cities, states, countries. Imagine what we could accomplish together..Be well all.

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  • I am also a teacher for special needs children and I help them through a program I designed teaching with dogs. I love this work and feel I have helped a lot of people this way. Off course I work alone as I hate authority and being told what to do. I also run a teaching group called Teaching with a difference. I look for a different way to teach as the system just teaches like people are robots and never thinks out of the box as we do. I can do so much research on so many topics that no one else even cares about esp to do with our world and what is really happening now. It feels good to be able to speak freely here and not feel like you have to hid as people seem to think I am nuts. Well thanks for listening and hope to here from someone soon. Stay positive and have a great day ... Anne 

    • Hi Anne. Welcome! I feel you completely in regards to your disdain for authority. There seem to be certain kinds of people in this world who are incredibly consumed by the need for power. I never really understood it. I have never been motivated by the need to have power over anything other than myself, meaning I simply aspire to be the best human being I can be, and hope I can inspire people to do the same. And CE is right most of us on this site have probably been considered nuts because we operate outside of the status quo and we process the world very differently from the majority of people. We are individuals and as you said in regards to your teaching methods, that difference has to be honored in everyone. Unfortunately we exist in a world where individuality is not celebrated. I hope to dialogue with you further in the future. By the way where are you located?

    • I like that this is growing =)

      I'm in Austin, Texas.  And will write more a little later. Ciao for now!

    • Oh Thank you so much it was so lovely to really speak with people who understand. I am from England Newcastle but 10 years ago I felt I had to come to Cyprus for a holiday and 3 months later I was living here. This is where I stopped working for other people and began to work for myself. I built my work from scratch but know I had to do this. I have always know I am different and wondered why I spend my time trying to help people to really understand what is going on in the world around us the truth. I have some amazing friends just a few that I picked lol its a long story for another time. My partner is amazing and is buying me books to read and to study. I have found out a lot too. I have 2 dogs which are both very spiritual and help my students a lot. One thing a very good friend told me to watch is that I seem to be able to control people around me. If I am happy so are they if I am upset so are they. This was a lot for me to take in as I feel I have to be happy all the time and I am not. Sometimes I just shut myself away for days with no contact to anyone. Do any of you feel like that ??? Thank you so much for listening and I am really glad to be here xx I wish you all a wonderful spiritual day and hope to speak soon Anne

    • I can definitely relate to having a big affect on the people around me, but it can work in reverse for me, too. If I'm around negative people, I get very down, sad, and want nothing more than solitude.  Same with lots of happy people. It sometimes feels like I'm very easily influenced, but what I've come to learn is that we are indeed just super sensitive people, empathic people, who can pick up on subtle energies as well as transmute them. We also subconsciously detect the energies of the Earth, and she is extremely sad right these days. This leaves me weeping many days feeling as if I am part of a group contributing to the destruction of our great Mother. I know that sounds kinda out there...but its true.

      Allow yourself to feel free from the pressure of making others happy. Be who you are all that time, even though that can be difficult.  Sometimes you do need solitude, if you're anything like me, to kinda recharge - because all that empathing and interacting and sharing of energy can be really draining. 

    • Regarding what you said about feeling sad as the earth is now that really makes sense to me. I never thought of it like that. But I really do feel sad for what people and higher powers are doing. I feel even more sad when people do not listen to me. I have been trying to tell a lot of people about the bad food we eat bad energy and keeping and making ourselves sick. Today I did something that I was proud of I helped a friend who had so much guilt it was making her so sick mentally and pysically. After 4 hours speaking she felt better and I helped her to move on and not to hate herself. I don't know where it all came from what I said but it was just there. I am learning now to accept me and love me. Yes I am different but so are others and we have a job to do. I don't feel so bad now to take myself away from people. I run a group with over 4000 people and they all look to me to plant the seeds.... I am good at that but I need the people to help the trees to grow. Life is sad right now but we can make her better with time. I thank you for your reply and again it's good to speak with people who are and feel the same. Wishing you a wonderful evening. Anne

    • Hi Anne, yea probably everyone on this site is used to being considered 'a little nuts' when in reality we are more likely just little 'mystics' discovering the beauty and pain in the universe. It's great that you work as an alternative teacher, especially to children with special needs...these little beings come  into our world to teach us amazing lessons, but we have to be ready to learn them. I think special needs kids are like angels in some way. Anyway, keep fighting the good fight and don't give up! We're glad you survived!

    • I have always aspired to Special children from when I was a little girl I would look after them and always had such a wonderful communication with them where as other did not. I remember a very beautiful boy he was blind and an amazing piano player. The staff at the home told me he had stopped playing the piano and they did not know why. I was 10 years old and wanted to help out at the home. As soon as I sat down the little boy started to play the most beautiful music I had ever heard. No one could believe it, I think most thought I was some kind of a witch and esp the staff stayed away from me. After that there was always something happening that I could not explain........... It's so good to share stories with other who completly understand. Thank you for listening and have a great day x Anne 

  • Hello I am new here to this site too after a friend told me to do some research on Indigos. I took a test and was told 100 percent I am indigo. It all makes sense now as well. Last year I was in a coma and died so I have been struggling a lot since then. It would be good to speak with someone who understands and shares the same goals. Thank you for taking time to listen and I wish you a lovely day. Anne 

  • so glad to hear from you. i kind of had stayed away from the site for awhile. didnt check it till now. its true we all need to turn this massive energy we contain into positive profound work. this energy as im sure you know can be overwhelming left unchecked and the best outlet as you said is work thats going to help others, and the earth and waters. it was nice to read your words because i really for awhile forgot i was different. and found myself falling into that same old trap of why cant i quite connect with others on the same level. and its so true its a hypersensitivity, perceptiveness that most people just cant comprehend. and its not their fault or ours. we are just wired very differently. knowledge is everything really, and study. because it helps you keep things in perspective so you can move in the appropriate direction and helps withchanelling energy in ways that are most beneficial. what is it that you do?

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