Did anyone come out of the closet yet?

Hi everyone.  What I mean with my question is that I'm simply wondering if anyone else has come out and told friends and family about our capabilities?  I told my ex boyfriend last night.  Back when we were together, years ago I had confessed knowing I was different from everyone else, and that I would have given anything to be like everyone else (that was circa 7-9 years ago).  Last night I told him everything: the beings made out of light that have come to visit me since I'm 5, the healing I do through my hands (I'm 27 and my fingers are all crooked and they hurt because I know I'm not harnessing my energy properly, so if anyone can tell me how to repair, or at least prevent it from worsening, please share with me) etc.  He was happy I told him and he said that it explained a lot of strange behaviours that I had back then.

Anyone care to share the reactions that they have gotten from people by coming out of the Indigo "closet"?

Thanks and Godspeed


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  • I don't live near my family.  My close friends all know, and even some not so close friends know.  They've been very supportive and weren't at all surprised to hear me actually acknowledge it aloud.  Some of my family (dad, stepmom, brothers, grandma, and 1 cousin) know a little bit about my "quirks", but not the full extent of them.  I'll probably come 100% out of the indigo closet sometime in the next year or so.  Not sure what I'm waiting for...  

    I didn't even know what an indigo was until about 2 years ago.  I was at a party where I didn't know anyone, but 75% of them had a metaphysical background.  A little girl (age 5 or so) came up to me and we started talking and we just really took to one another.  So then her mom came over to sit with us and was pretty amused at how chatty her daughter was being.  The little girl left at some point and the mom leans over and says, my daughter is a crystal child and I am pretty sure you're an indigo because she doesn't take to people like that unless they're indigos.  I think I said I hadn't heard the term before and she told me to look into it.  So of course I had to look that up when I got home.  The description on this group page fits me to a T.  

  • wonderful anne great  perspective. this rings true for me. :)

  •  I have never really been in  a closet. While I have resisted spirit at times in the end all is perfect. as more and more people wake up there will be less need to feel different, for in truth we are all one having different experiences. each one of us has a role to play in this earth school. each lesson is unique yet the same. 

    your hands are telling you to let go of expectations, you are holding on too tight and as you accept more love of self and express more pure love for others they will feel better. Do you cut ties daily? Do you care for your needs? Always take time to take care of you.


  • That sucks, but you must remember that your reality is different from theirs. You were honest and sometimes honesty is not taken very well. I am an Indigo adult, and I was an Indigo child. My wife, daughters, brother, sister and friends know it and they are cool with it. My grand daughter who is 2 is also an Indigo child. Don't try to change who you are or the reality that is yours to please anyone else. Stay strong my friend! Jim

  • P. S. My Grand daughter was born in Jan of 2011 and from the moment she was born and I held her I knew she was an Indigo child, just like her Grandfather!!!!! and she is......!

  • My family knows of my gifts, I have never tried to hide it. My wife of 29 years said she fell in love with me because I was different than other guys, but couldn't put her finger on it. I too have had visitations from spirits that started when I was 4 or 5 years old. My Grandmother, who was part Abernaki Indian knew I had the gift and always told me that I was special. I tend to scare my wife sometimes ( not intentionally), but we just laugh about it afterwards. I have predicted earthquakes to the day, and also I knew that my wife's brother was going to pass away several days before he did. ( I don't like that part) I am a healer too. I am a Shamballa (Reiki) MDH Practitioner and work with my hands and intuition. Please don't do anymore healing until you cleanse yourself with sage and ask for protection from Archangel Michael. Always ask for protection from the higher Archangels before performing a healing. You don't want to absorb anymore negative energy into your fingers or body. You are like me, and I am like you.. we are all one. If you need anymore advice about what to do before and after a healing I will gladly assist you, I don't want you to do anymore damage to your fingers. With your permission, I can do long distance healing towards your fingers, but only with your permission. Take care, peace, light and love to you! Jim

  • I told  Gf my friends and family.. all of which immediately looked at me like I was crazy. Not a good feeling. Hit me up if you wanna chat. 

  • I told my wife and she was a bit standofish at first but I later explained our characteristics and why I was the way I was which in her mind made total sense to her now. I've been awake for a week now and I feel so free and filled with love and optomism. My wife understands and now see those characteristics in our daughters. Good Luck to all Indigos out there and know you're not alone!

  • amazing

  • Thank you for sharing everyone.  I haven't had the time to come back here in the past few days and I'm touched by your stories.  Nicolas, I'm glad things are better between you and your wife.  I know what kind of toll such a thing can take on a relationship: I'm having trouble with my current boyfriend because of it.

    Honzink, I'm glad your wife is also so understanding: it's key to our balance.  Thanks for your input on my hand: it's something I hadn't thought of.  Also, I know we aren't ready to come out to the world, but I meant to come out to certain people.  I'm glad we're not staying silent any longer. 

    Thanks guys and Godspeed :)

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