Hi, I'm new here

I'm Jeremiah and I'm from Mesa, Arizona. I'm currently in Florida at a drug rehab facility. I was an athiest many years before I came to treatment. Through the 12 step program of Narcotics Anonymous, I have come to understand a power higher than myself. I dislike labels but, I have nearly all the qualities listed on autism. I have all the traits of and "indigo child" as well. I am very new to all these new ideas but, I am very open minded. I was horribly depressed and I hated nearly everything about existence in this material world until, I came to believe in a higher power which I choose to call God. After I became a believer, I noticed things changing all around me. I have no doubt about God, the spirit of love and the Law of Attraction. I am looking forward to meeting like minded people here and I hope I can contribute to this community.

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  • Welcome jeremiah,

    i'm glad to hear you are feeling more positive vibes. What are you into? reading, writing, movies, science, philosophy, art?

    Send me a message if you got the time.


  • On the television show Heroes (which is basically a rip-off of X-men and Indigos) there is a character...can't remember his name but he is an artist...he goes into these trances and paints the future...in the beginning he thinks he needs drugs to go into the trances but eventually he figures out how to go into his trances without using drugs...

  • Correct you don't need Narcotics...Lace, I don't know if you've ever seen HEROES...but the premise is basically the same...I was just wondering if certain powers manifested themselves....causing him to believe the drug he was taking was like Superpower Ointment...

  • It's not autism...you're just wired differently...I have many of the characteristics of a schizophrenic, for the longest time I thought I might have a mild case of it...turns out I'm an indigo...

    Did you ever have visions when you did narcotics? You can have those visions sober...it's just harder to reach them....I have tons of visions in my dreams...I believe I am a REAL LIVE Dreamcatcher...as a result I'm terrified to go to SLEEP.

  • Hey Jeremiah,

    I am fairly new here, myself. I am glad you are "sober" and doing well. I am still uneasy/unsure of all this, but am learning new things all the time and will see where it takes us. Anyways, how old are you? Tell me more about yourself, if you'd like.

    Keep Swingin'


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