• I am appalled that the idea of RACE even enters a discusion in this group, we are not about the color of skin but the colors of the SOUL and ENERGY. God help us, as ONE RACE if we can't get over this bridge!! Today individuals hollor RACISIM and all opposetion ceases, that is what they are doing in Washington with the Imagration Issue, and it has got to stop if we are ever going to live together in Peace and prosper as ONE RACE!
    Some of my Indigo friends (whom I would like to add 2 of which were Mexican, and one Black) used to joke that in a hundred years everyone would look like Kenneth anyway! (who is Mex-Irish, a beautiful blend I might add!!!)
    Hopefully this issue among Indigos will be put to rest.
  • Where did you get that idea? The statement appears to be made by someone who has yet to be educated in the Indigo traits.

    It IS, however, about your spirit. Who you are? How you feel inside? And the affects of those stirrings.
    NEVER has it been about the color of one's skin. Besides that, I don't think I have ever seen a white person. Some pretty close, but there is always that bit of pink tint to them.

    Maybe you should be one to embrace and present this to your friends, family, and community.
    Be the one to educate and promote these ideas to other cultures. If you feel it is not being
    represented by other cultures and various shades of people. . . become part of the solution.

    I look forward to yours and Mumbasa's participation. Welcome. . .
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  • Exactly!

    Peace :-)
  • I agree with what Weebgb has just said. Although I spent most of my younger years thinking I was an odd ball, you could always find me outside of the box and never in it. LOL!!! I have to come to the realization that we are all ONE though. The color of our skin doesn't matter to me in fact many of the spiritually enlightened folks I have encounter have been of many different races, cultures, and all different shapes and sizes. I have always been one to celebrate the differences because for me it has always been from our differences that I have learned the most. Skin color is just the result of our evolution due to the earth's climate, technically we all were once darker in color.

    And as for the term Indigo, I was under the impression that it was named so due to the color of your Aura's or energy field, I have even heard in some places that the characteristics of Indigos is a result of some of the so called "JUNK" dna being activated. Meaning that we all have the capabilities of being an Indigo, its just a matter of activating that DNA through evolving or ascending into higher energy vibrations, just like Indigos can continue to activate more of their DNA to evolve into Crystal. But in all honesty in order to so....One must begin to let go of judgements and the repressed fear within oneself. I know first hand that in every so called "ugly" situation there is something so beautiful. Find the beauty!!! Find the truth within yourself and you will learn in your own time that white people are not the only souls that get to be indigos.
  • Most spiritual people, especially Indigos, do not focus on "separation". We try very hard to focus on "connectedness" and we are trying to "change" the way the world has divided itself into specific groups with specific rules, etc. Just ask us! LOL!

    I believe that all the people of the world are Indigos, of one degree or another. We are all ONE! We are all connected to Source, therefore we are not separate beings. Yes, there are those who focus much of their energy on this segregation and who let it obstruct the spirituality that pervades us all, but when the time comes for them to ascend to a higher level, they will let go of these ways of thinking. They begin to "feel" that Blessed Connectedness with everyone.

    And maybe, because most people who recognize themselves as Indigos, especially on this forum, do not think of anyone as being "different" than themselves, maybe that's why you have not seen them express their color or race. It doesn't matter. :O)

    Have a Blessed Day!
  • In my perception, Indigo is a word that conveys a vibration of energy. In relation to race, I believe that the colour of skin is a process of evolution. Darker skin, to me shows better protection against the harmful rays of the sun. I see it as science and evolution. In relation to power and mass control, I have no desire to possess either...couldn't handle the responsibility. I feel disappointed that often we forget to see the full spectrum....and that's just the spectrum that our limited human physiology can perceive!

    Peace :-)
  • I would not think Indigos would be limted to one race. Indigos are all over the world. I know people who are hispanic that can be Indigos. I think being an Indigo is what you carry in yourself that reaches through to the outside. Any race can carry the traits of an Indigo.
  • I know people who are not white and are indigos whether they know it or not. If they are not in this group doesnt mean they dont count.
  • skin color?? ha ha ha in the 4.1 billion years of earths age the entire human histroy is based on it..
    • Time for change then....don't you think!?

      I feel a bit confused about all this race stuff. Where's it all comin from? I get the feelin that some folk want to keep that race fire burning. To what end and for what reason? Why not try raising your vibration from the base...up a bit to the higher chakras...

      Just a thought....

      With hope, love and light,
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