• The sad thing is I think it is all about control and fear. This is a big problem. Control and fear throws off balance. It keeps one from truely awakening. We need to go back to the thinking is that we are really balls of light energy with shells. If we take off the shell we only see ones energy. I am all for raising my vibrations but I am not always sure everyone else is.
  • This is absolutely not true. I am African and Indigo married to an European, two of our kids (who are obviously mixed) are also Indigo. Selective,suggestive observations like yours are whats wrong with our world today.People always concerned with things that don't really matter.Whats skin color got to do with anything?
  • Shiva, I don't think it matters if you were green. It's the spirit, not the color.
    I don't understand the comment "get to" -- you are or you aren't.
    There are no club rules or entry requirements other than certain
    spiritual level characteristics. Your spirit will reveal who you are.

    And most assuredly, white (pink) people don't have the
    spiritual market cornered. I have various shades of spiritual friends and teachers.
    They are all beautiful and many are full of great wisdom and insight,
    some are also indigo.
    with Love and Understanding, New Dawn
  • I think indigos are people of color. Indigo is a color.

    That being said Indigo is a designation that is used for an emerging group in the human population that have a set of characteristics. Skin color is not one of these characteristics.
  • Indigo know indigo. you are absolutely RIGHT. its like as an african american it doesnt matter how well another african american could blend in with white ppl. i know another blk person when i see one.
  • white ppl are not the only indigos. indigos exist in all races,all thing that i have noticed unfortunately white ppl tend to be more open to of what would be considered outside the ''norm''. blk ppl in particular are especially uninformed and simply tend to not be interested with indigo culture. as a young blk indigo for yrs i knew i was special but i didn kno who i was in a sense. it wasnt until 2007 or 2008 A&E did a special documentary about indigo and crystal children. my mom actual brought it to my attention. after watching it a WEIGHT as lifted OFF my shoulders! now ive noticed the blk community along with other cultures,ppl either dnt believe we exist or are in denial this stuff. there are soooo many indigo children/adults who dnt even kno that they're indigo. To the members of this site:IF SOMEONE YOU KNOW COULD BE INDIGO USE THIS SITE TO FIND OUT. it is indeed a life changing experience once you know! you began to understand yourself in ways that you didnt b4.its crazy yet amazing at the same time
  • thanks for reply...offcourse its not true indigo adults being me this whole indigo thing is yet another rat race created in the modern day to stand out from society....(although all the traits mentioned to be an indigo adult matchs the way i have lived and thought)
    but what surprised me was the fact this whole indigo movement and business forums,youtube etc non of them are from asian,african etc you hardly meet anyone who says that im from taiwan and im an indigo or im from kenya and i feel like an indigo?? not even a mexican?
    why it has to be always a white person when it comes to this indigo thing
    • i am from Malaysia and im an indigo.
    • its a rat race.i beg to differ. i hate that you feel that way.
    • Hey, lay off! We rats are indigo people too! Everybody's got a job to do. You should be thanking me for doing the dirty work to keep your world the way you see beautiful!!!! All this discussion of so called human colour and it finally boils down to, 'Blame the Rats'. This is the way so many of you humans think! (That hurts my feelings!)

      Grow up humans! If we are all one, that includes us rats too! No non-white indigo people? What a concept! If I can do my work of crunching up bones and flesh and putting them back into mother earth to grow your flowers and vegetables, surely you can do your work of growing together to save this planet we all call home, So get over your colourisations and get busy.

      By the way, we don't race. It just looks like that because we have high metabolisms and a lot of torque like slingshots, so I'd appreciate disuse of the disparaging concept of us rats racing! When you see us scurrying, we're mostly just going as fast as we can to get the hell away from you scary creatures! Otherwise we are methodical and 'in the moment' in our work.

      And two last things!!!!

      In the words of the part of the Oneness known as Kellie Leech when asked, 'What's your favourite colour? -
      'I refuse to discriminate against any colour on the basis of its colour!"

      In the words of the part of the Oneness known as Michael Jackson, 'I'm not gonna spend my life bein' a color!'

      Thank god they both didn't. And thanks to you all for letting me practice my Human Talk English.
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