How someone could get rid of smoking addiction??

Friends! hope all of you are doing well and enjoying good health. I wanna discuss a problem. I am addicted to smoking from last 3.5 years. I was a different child in my family, hyperactive, occupied in thoughts, rude and aggressive. Even i was not a good student till 5th class in my school. After that considering all advices by my parents i started struggle in my studies and i was a good student afterward. During my college days i realized that my attitude was different than my class fellows. Although I was more social than anyone in my classroom but still personally i was disturbed due to my attitude, my temperament and my aggressive response. And during my university life this behaviour became more prominent and my fellows started to criticise me. I consulted with a psychologist and he recommended me antidepressants. But under this treatment i felt some problema and i quit. Then i started studying psychological disorders and knowing that smoking cigarettes can alliviate these symptoms and i started this. But i am not satisfy with that and i want some sofisticated way to get rid of this situation. Your suggestion and ideas will be precious for me. Stay blessd!!

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