still sheading tears from my post office experience

 as we are, we need our down time to decompress, do our own thing

and at times, especially now, more than ever, we lightworkers

need to come together,  we are stronger together than seperate

to shine our light against the dark

U can call me crazy, whatever,  but things are bad, going down, distraction in the controled us news,

people in other countries often know what more what is going on in usa, the truth, than the us citizens

we have to become stronger somehow

and fight somehow,  I dont know

but we have to get real food going again, our water pure, no more chemtrails, or immunizations, 

where are your papers'

it is propaganda, and so much distraction

I mean we all need some distraction

but bad thins are occuing, and it has to stop

a lot of new age stuff says feel good, be positive, of course

but dont let it distract u what is going on in the is country...

freedom?  the media feeds us lies.  too many electrical towers

haarp and etc,   

praying we can do something about it quickly...

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  • I agree with part of what you said but in the end we can only change ourselves. We can enlighten others and they may choose to change but it is always up to them to choose.

    • That's exactly what I mean in two sentences. = D I think that we are still afraid of people making that choice, that's why there's still so much secrecy and word play. When are we gonna be honest with ourselves?

  • All of that may be true, but the only way any of that will change starts with you. You have to look within yourself and solve the turmoil that is within you. The only person that can do that is you, with support from friends and neighbours. = D Once you can become positive in a predatory world that influence will spread to those who care. We get to CHOOSE whether or not we become egotistic from positive experiences, it's called being humble.

  • My point was who really knows what the right direction is? Is there even a right direction? As long as people have different perceptions they will be turmoil...

    Part of it asks the question..Why do you think we are here? To experience? To Learn? We learn more from pain and failure, why is that? Success boosts the ego while failure removes it..

  • We are together, Just not here on this plane...

    Think about the economic experts that are trying to solve our problems today. They may all have exceptional educations and great experience and yet they are 180 degrees apart when it come to a plan to solve a problem. How can this be? It's their perception based on upbringing and their experiences in life. They can't separate themselves from Ego so they come to a true solution.

  • I agree, wholeheartedly.

  • I agree with Rogare; and you. Things could be a lot worse, and they could be a lot better.

    We have to understand that one persons act of evil is another persons act of success. It's all in your perspective.

    Now, doing something about it, bringing the indigos together? that's going to take some doing.


  • The only thing I might offer is: Focus on changing your perception. Your world is as you see it and right now you see nothing but the negative side. The USA is not what it was 25 years ago but we are not Greece or Syria and any number of other bankrupt countries around the world. Things could be better but then they could also be so much worse. 

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