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The Golden Age

I am a second wave Indigo adult. I have been aware of my gifts since I was a child, but as many of us do, I have lost the ability to use my gifts with the same amount of ease as I grew older. I think I had so many people tell me that what I could do

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Hello from Heaven!

Hi everyone!As part of my spiritual family, I share the news of my dad's passing back to light with you. He was living in Germany with my step-mom. Dad had a triple by-pass in April, which went great, but two months ago they discovered that he was ri

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Hold onto your hats!

So--we had the Grace Light a month ago, a New Moon Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago, then the Perseid Meteor showers tonight, then a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday!!I know we are all on a roller coaster, right now, but it looks to get a bit wilder!!

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