Yes, I am posting, again. I just keep running into things on here that only beg me to ask more questions.

With that being said I will get into it:

A lot of weird things used to happen to me growing up. From seeing unexplained shadows, or cloud-like masses passing through air in an empty room to angelic or spirit like beings in the mirror.I've seen people move in pictures,and I've heard unexplained voices, and gotten uneasy feelings in places I'd never been to before, and even about people I had never met. Most of the time it was founded that these feelings were spot on, and actually the place or person held some kind of secret that justified my intuition.(I still get the feelings about people, but don't get to go to new places very often these days.)

The problem is I also grew up in a very sheltered lifestyle.Being raised as some sort of cross between christian,pentecostal, and baptist.Anything extraordinary was usually ignored. (Even though at one point my dad swore he saw the ghost of his uncle after he died. But when it was him claiming it, it wasn't total B.S.) My father was very closed minded, and demanded that we were too.Even my mother had to abide by this.If you are wondering,yes abuse was a norm' in our lives, and every type you can think of.Even though my childhood was stressful, and atypical I still seemed to have all these abilities.

However, as I grew up they all seemed to fade.As those old stresses became a part of my past, and were replaced with more typical stresses i.e. job,money,car,bills,child etc.I sometimes wonder if the old stresses weren't the triggering effects for these abilities....

Or my other theory is that while I did have all those stresses, I also had more free time to  sit in my own mind and find an escape.
(Since no one was expecting me to be a responsible adult.)

Which somehow allowed my third eye to remain open.Back then I was also a lot more creative constantly writing, or drawing. Where as today my stresses take away my free thinking time, and put such a weight on my shoulders that my third eye can not open,and my drawing abilities seem to be stuck in time, having not improved since I was a teen.I also feel that constant interruptions keep me from being able to stay focused long enough to let anything happen.

So what advice would you all give someone like me? My abilities used to scare me, because I didn't understand them. Now I just wish they would come back.What can I do?

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  • I would say meditate and try to retain those child like quality...It is no coincidence that both Buddha and Jesus likened enlightenment and heaven as being child-like.

  • Thank you all for the great responses. I will take the advice you've given, and see what comes of it.
  • Hey Clarissa,

    Interesting post you got there. I believe your story is more common than you think amongst "indigos". Actually, your story is pretty much a spit image of mine lol. Good news is, you can get your abilities back. Actually, they never go away, they are just suppressed and forgotten because of everyday stresses like you said. You just need to find yourself again. This can be challenging because sometimes, it means to make big changes in your life. Look at where you are in your life and ask yourself if this is really what you want. If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself. Be patient. Energy follows intent so just give it time :)

    Have you tried meditating? Even if you just start with 5 min a day. Just take that time for YOU and you only. Ground yourself and ask for protection and guidance. Feel it in your gut. I would start with that. I'm sure others will have great suggestions too.

    As far as the rage thing goes, I don't think I can have an objective opinion on that as I've had the same feelings as you so, who am I to say that it's the "normal" thing to feel? lol. I've had many outbursts of rage as a child, even early adulthood, when I've felt betrayed or hurt. If we are truly indigo souls, we are sensitive to these things as our souls are not actually of the earth realm (this is what i've read). We come from a place very pure and loving which is why we struggle sometimes with the harshness of earth. This does not mean you have to suffer :) Just keep asking for guidance, love and protection and you will eventually see a difference. You will "get it".

    Hope this helps :)

    Don't give up. You are already well on your way :)

  • I think they will start coming back at the same moment you wrote this....Your abilities is not gone....they are still there just waiting for you to allow them show up again. Do not think you have to DO something just open up and say 'welcome back' and than just start paying attention to what is coming to you. I think they will come back slowly because they are kind of afraid to be rejected again....but for each time to notice a small thing and keep on welcome them they will continue growing. 

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