Role Call

Just out of curiosity, how many active users do we have here? I want to post and discuss many things but I'm not sure how many people are actually here and reading....Say hello!! post something to let us know who's out there :-) I'd love to hear from youPeace and blessings-David

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  • I have been visiting more lately.
    Looking for more, maybe deeper conversations
    that "spark" my spirit and interest.

    I look forward to more activity here.
    I would like to understand more of the indigo philosophy too.

    New Dawn
  • Hi David,
    I do my best to check the forums I belong to at least twice a day. I must say I find the Indigo Adults discussions truly interesting!
  • I am one of those that just stops by occasionally.. Mainly i think it's bcuz i sometimes dont see a whole lot goin on so I just give some time b4 i come back...

    I dont post or reply that much cuz i dont feel i'm as aticulate as others, or just bcuz, idk rlly...
    • Hi Dave Welcome. I stop bye from time to time too. Post away, have fun. Oh nice to meet you.
  • Post away David , if people like the subject they will respond . I have had topic's with great responses and other's not so much . Give it a go
  • LOL

    Well... Hi my name's David :-)

    I have been watching the forums at PI for about a year and used to be a big contributer when the forum was at instead of .org Those days and threads are all gone, so I figured I'd at least make contact with those I hope are of like minds...
  • I agree that people may be shy but that's the great thing about a community like this. Everyone is so accepting and they always have really great perspective. I've been able to work through a lot from posting on here, thanks my Indigo brothas and sistas!

    • Is there anyone else? Any "lurkers" who want to introduce themselves? :-)
  • Beth,
    I think many are just gun-shy, having spent most of their lives trying to fit in and not have their particular, wonderful brand of "wierdness" put under that spotlight. Many have learned not to be too quick to trust, especially since this is an open network that anyone can have access to. There is still quite a bit of reluctance to "come out of the closet" where matters of spirituality are concerned. At least that is my take on it.
    • There could also be the fear that once your question or concern is raised no one will hear you. (Or in this case bother to read your post.)

      So maybe some worry about rejection.

      I dunno. I could be wrong.
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