Struggling - in need of tips, suggestions, insight

I am completely new to this whole idea and I could really use some help - tricks, tips, suggestions... anything worth it, I'll try it! I am extremely struggling lately and feel that I'm slipping into an unconscious state and giving up. I'm spending my days desperate to distract myself from the overwhelming sadness I feel for human kind. The lies, jealousy, deceit, criticism, anger, rage, revenge, cruelty,... where is their purity and kindness and love. I absorb and sense energies so much that I am now hiding as much as I can at home alone and away from people - note: I work from home, so that's a lot of time, and now I'm sleeping 12-14hrs a day! When I do go out people are drawn to me like a magnet and I can't help but come across to them like pure kindness, they say "I'm addicted to your sweetness", "you have this calming effect" but their desperate greed overrides and such negative human qualities come out of them and I feel them. I'm 32 now but when I was 16 for a few months I knew everything that would happen 1-5mins before it actually happened, then it disappeared and hasn't come back. Just last year I discovered that I could find lost items by asking and clearing my mind, this new "knowing" feeling would come to me which is so different from my mind thinking up an answer, and it has ALWAYS been right. I've also been able to pick up - if I listen - to my intuition which are like instructions from somewhere with that same "knowing" feeling. As well I can feel with great emotion and know the outcomes of people close to me through their choices and actions  which I have learned they do not want to hear it and they absolutely hate it when I am right, or most of them. Animals feel drawn to me and some babies too; I have a very calming feel to them. So here I am feeling weird as shit, no one I know is like me, I don't know what to do with all this, I feel like I never got the instruction manual for this, I'm feeling overwhelmed and greatly depressed and heavy carrying all this negative pain, and I am used and mistreated so badly and continuously. What do I do????? And at the same time I feel this is all so weird that how can it be true, ahhhhh!
ps. Just last summer a woman at a gathering approached me and asked me to look up Indigo child and I would know what to do. I had never heard of this yet it's bang on the description of me. I never saw her again to be able to ask more.

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  • I have found much insight and comfort in this video explaining suppressed emotions. Thoughts?

  • I might be able to help out!  I am new to all this too but I have learned a lot in the past year!  First things first!  You are not alone.  There are millions of us on the planet.  Some are still asleep!!!  Friend me if you like my page and we can talk more later!  Be easy on yourself and bring yourself up if you are feeling anxious.


  • I feel the same. I cry a lot... I am new to this whole thing too... I think that seeing the big picture is the hardest thing not to see...I dislike many things about the World right now (if not basically all of it in the U.S., anyway).. but I think that when I can remember that I picked where I am... I picked my family, my life... it helps me to remember there is a reason for all of this. There is SO MUCH that needs to be changed and/or destroyed... but what makes you happy? What do you believe you can achieve, even if it never changes a thing? What can you do for yourself that cannot help but benefit those around you? This is my thought process that keeps me introverted and extroverted somewhat simultaneously. That is balance for me... maybe it can help you. Look inside, and you can't help but produce that outside wow factor for others to see. What do you want to accomplish for yourself? And is there a way that desire can benefit those around you?

  • Thanks everyone, great advice!! :-)
  • Hello.  Lots of good advice on this thread on what might be call a type of grounding problem.  Sensing too may things can overload the senses. I may get spacy or headaches, which may be similiar to slipping into a unconscious state. One good program that I have found to get out of these states is to get good rest and meditation, but do something physical in between the rest states.  I may do swim laps. Too much sleeping with no activity can add to the spacyieness.  Or getting out of touch with the body. Which may be a defense mechinism to shield the self from too many inputs or sensing things.  This does help get out of the spacieness.

    When meditating I may use a adaptation of the Lamaze method and stare at a focus point. Nice picture, or even the sky itself.  This will slow down any inputs. 

    Allowing neg stuff to pass thru works when I am grounded or in the flow with Spirit.  If not it gets stuck inside. Not sure how else to explain it. 

  • Hi Sara,

    I too felt like I was reading a description of my own experience.  I am 31, and only recently have discovered what it really means to be an Indigo, and that hey, I am one. Well I can't say I fully and completely understand how to be an Indigo yet but I suppose that's why we've been placed on this beautiful planet...we're here to change something. Someone who commented below said to try not to focus on the big picture, which is  good advice, but also so difficult, when all you see is the big picture! I think one thing I will carry away from reading the thread you have started is to pay more attention to the moment-to-moment interactions.  I work with people and as long as I focus on them while they are in my presence, and not on what choices they are making with the rest of their lives, it benefits the interaction for both of us, because I am able to help someone and someone is able to receive help from me. It's a tiny change, but who knows how it will impact the rest of their lives. The sweetness you share with people is likely spreading over them and in them, and creating an inner shift  that you may never know about.  Thank you for sharing, and I hope you are feeling more empowered in your brightness soon.

  • Hi Sara,

    It sounds like you are very sensitive and have not yet learned how to shield yourself from all the energetic noise: toxic energies and emotions of the world at large. I too struggled with that as a younger person (I'm now almost 50!) To make matters more intense, the energies on the planet are only quickening - signalling the need for most people and systems to tune-in and clear up their own toxicity - or get mowed down by the high energies - and that doesn't feel good at all. And, yes, even us Indigos have 'taken-on' the maddness of this world's troubles. Until we wake up fully, we're just part of the noise.

    There are hundreds of ways to start to develop the mastery of self - to learn to shield yourself, tune-in, get centered, wake up and allow for others in the world to be as they are with out feeling compelled to change them. It sounds to me like this is the time for you to commit to a path of self-mastery.


    * Research methods of meditation to learn to get centered and to tune in to your current and highest intuition. Asking questions and writing answers is a good start - see where the channeled stream of conscious writing takes you. It's a great way for your higher self to speak with you and guide you further.

    * Check out The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle at your local library or online. He gives a great break down on how to be still and present, which will make everything simpler and easier to manage as you learn to BE STILL.

    * Nature is a great teacher. Go out for a walk in nature away from the peeps. Breathe deeply and let your mind relax. Nature will soothe you and remind you of your true nature.

    Getting to really know yourself and your higher wisdom is the best way (the only way) to be a master, and to be of true service in the crazy world.

    I wish you the best of success on your path!

  • Thanks everyone!!!!! :) :) I will try this all!
  • Sara, the first thing that is critical to accept is that "You" can't change another person. You can be nice and provide incentive for improvement but in the end, it is always their decision to change or stay the same. As to your own challenges, when ever something negative pops into your thoughts, turn it around and think of some positive aspect of the same situation. With practice, this is a lot easier than it sounds. Many times we don't see the positive until later in time. I.E. Something happens to make you cancel your vacation to the Bahama's. Then later that week you hear there was a hurricane.

    There is always something negative going on in the world, don't give up but let go. It sounds the same but it is vastly different. The better you make your own life the more that will overlap all around you.

    Move your vision of the world back to the positive and you may just get your visions back.

  • I always think, not looking at THE BIG PICTURE in every moment is the key to happiness, at least for indigos...or at least for me...We tend to see the interconnectedness of everything...try looking at something small...try focusing on things piece by piece...

    I have found this helps...not always but sometimes...

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