Hello again my brothers and sistersHave any of you ever seen or did anything paranormal, mind reading, moving objects by thinking about it (telekinesis) influenced numbers, lights etc?I'm sure these exist but very few of us have this ability/abilitiesPlease share your experiences in the comments

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  • I had a service business for many years. Time would go by and I had not heard from specific customers and they would pop into my mind. Usually within 24 hours I would get a call from the people I was thinking about. I'm not sure if this was ESP foretelling what was going to happen or Manifesting something that I wanted to happen. Many other times I would be thinking of a specific phrase and the person I was talking to would pop up with that exact phrase. Again ESP or manifestation?  This has taught me to go with my feeling more than I did before... Oh, I did see a spirit once at a house, after describing it to friends, we found that it was a man that had died in the house many years before....

  • I have done telekinesis , mind reading ....but not in a conscious manner. Well, the mind reading kinda.. I heard alot of thoughts, it was uncomfortable and I stopped it, so not since. Actually, many, many people have these abilities, but they are blocked from it manifesting.

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