The Golden Age

I am a second wave Indigo adult. I have been aware of my gifts since I was a child, but as many of us do, I have lost the ability to use my gifts with the same amount of ease as I grew older. I think I had so many people tell me that what I could do and see was "impossible" that I started to believe it myself.... In the past year, I have re-awakened in a way that is so intense that I feel my path may be to leave my life as I know it, and go on an intentional journey to discover my purpose. I feel like I am being called. I feel like there is something inside of me that has been dormant for years and, for lack of a better word, has been, "activated". For the first time in my life, things are aligning inside of me in such a way that I can no longer ignore the thing I have been sure of since I was a child: I have a great purpose in this life.

I think many of us know that something BIG is on the horizon. Some call it the "Golden Age"; the next stage of evolution, a higher consciousness, and understanding of our place in the UNIVERSE. Some see a battle; a great war; Armageddon. Some envision humans destroying each other...some see extraterrestrial contact... others, an old, mystical power.

My question to you all, and topic of this discussion is two-fold:

1) Has anyone felt the same feeling of "Re-awakening"? And if so, what are you doing about it?

2)What do you feel is on the horizon, and what do you feel your purpose is in it?

I know I've said a LOT. This is my first post in this group. The best way I can say this is, the information I am uncovering; the things I'm feeling, are so real, and make more sense than anything ever has. THIS question, and my search for it's answers are about to become my life's path. I am curious to know if anyone else is feeling things with this amount of depth.

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  • Shane,

         Thank you for writing. Congratulations to you for deciding to delve into your subconscious and really explore the changes you are feeling. It takes a lot of courage.


    "What do I feel on the horizon? In the regression I felt some message was coming, or moreso some greater knowledge that needs to be shared with the masses. I do not feel an amargadon of any kind is coming, but more of a changing of humanities perceptions of who we are is about to emerge with a strong emphasis on our global environment."


    I agree completely. The message is out there. You will receive it when you are ready-- or should I say-- AS you are ready. Learning how to be quiet with nature, and LISTEN is integral.  The world is changing. The universe is changing. It's time to change with them.


    I think the most important thing to remember is change is difficult. Anything worth doing is going to take effort. Our society has been shaped over the years to operate in search of immediate gratification -- that isn't going to happen this time. I feel a global change is in the making, but one that will only move forward successfully if we change together. I feel now, more than ever before, our individual voices are going to become vital. 


    We have been told since we were children that, "One person can make a difference," but it is a ideal that we don't often see play out in life. I think it is time for the little voices to unite with common purpose and show the big conglomerates of the world, that we are going to take back our planet and start treating it with respect.


    The common thread I have found in speaking to those who feel a change in themselves (which is a surprisingly large number) is that, while these changes are strange, and often a little scary for those who aren't tapped into higher levels of consciousness, they feel more REAL than anything ever has. 


    We KNOW that life isn't about status; money and consumerism. We also KNOW what life IS about: love, balance, fostering growth (in nature and in individuals).... yet, it is difficult to go against the grain in this society, but the time to LISTEN is now. The answers are inside everyone who isn't too scared to look for them.


    I congratulate you on your regression therapy. I have tried twice, myself, but whatever trauma is buried inside of me, is one that is so painful that therapists have been afraid to move forward because of the terrified response I have had. It has been a difficult road, but I realized, for me at least, that I don't need to know what has happened in my past. The knowledge; the lessons I have learned, stay with me, even if I don't have words to express them.  Now that I have finally learned how to live and to appreciate life, I try to live in the present at all times. It certainly isn't easy, but it has worked for me.


    As far as having a mission? Honestly? I have felt it since I was a child-- as far back as I can remember. Since January of 2010 that feeling of having a "mission" or "greater purpose" as taken center stage in my life: whatever I was created for, whatever gifts I have been given... everything is working together to bring me right here. The time is now. 


    I'm so glad to hear that your mind and heart are open. I am here to talk/listen if you'd like a sounding board. I know these topics are ones we have been trained to think are "weird" so it can be difficult to find support. Know that you have it, not only from me, but from so many you haven't even met yet.


    Peace and Love,


    • Hi Antoinette,


      Thanks so much for your strong words of encouragement and positive thoughts. It is very much appreciated and super cool to meet a like minded soul. I think we are on the same path, similar to others. I am really not sure where to begin to be quite honest with you, as events have started to happen all too quickly for me. One example, I can share with you concerns some pain I have had in my arm/shoulder for about ten years. I discovered Reki, as I mentioned, only recently and underwent some sessions and then done my own course. The pain has receded 75% in days, almost hours...I am almost in shock at the rapidity of the treatment. Every time I do Reki now, I feel this burning energy sensation - it is almost cosmic. 


      Sorry to hear about your own regression therapy. You have your reasons and shall explore again in time and I hope you find the answers in time, but I think you will. I would like to share with you my own experiences and other people in the group, but it is all too shocking (in a positive way). I am still trying to get to grips with it, and perhaps explore more. It is all too weird I think to share with a group I am not familar with and people might think I am crazy!! ha, even the regression therapist told me I cannot share the information with people, only a select open minded few. But I need to tell people soon of my experience!! Perhaps at a later stage.


      How are you channeling your gifts to other people on a daily basis, can I ask? Have you changed your life style and patterns much? For me, I have always had a strong attraction to nature from a very early age, almost a magnetic pulse. But lately it has become even more, like a increased force is dragging me to somewhere. BTW, I work as an humanitarian aid worker in South Sudan and I just got back here a few days ago and I already have these ideas (no idea where they have come) to start bringing new food to the people and tell them about the the local trees they have that can be used for medicinal purposes, following some research. And I have no background in seeds, food or medicine.


      It was by accident I found this site, but like eveything else at the moment events are following a path, a chain, or even a chapter in a book... have you ever felt like that or anyone else for that matter?


      Much love and respect.


  • Hi Antoinette,


    I have just joined this group and read with interest your message, as this is exactly what has happened to me recently. I have only just discovered that I am an Indigo Adult (first wave I think, as born in 1973). Apologies if this is not accurate, but as I mentioned all of this is very new to me in terms of concepts, definitions, etc. Like you, I feel, something rather profound is happening in me and I need to embrace it. To be quite honest, I have only discovered the term 'indigo adult' very recently, having undergone some regression therapy and reki and my Aura started turning up as Indigo when using an aura machine. I had no idea what this meant, until a friend told me all about the Indigo adults and children. I would be very interested if you, or anyone else, has undergone regression past life therapy and perhaps we can share our experiences?


    I have been reading alot about Indigo Adults in recent days and I was quite disturbed initially, after reading the characterises. They are spot on for me personally - always to a tee. I have known since a very young age that I was different from most people and thanks to some friends recently in SE Asia, they unlocked my trapped subconscience and everything is beginning to look more clearer for me now.


    In answer to your questions: Yes, I guess I have mentioned above that I also feel some re-awakening. This occurred after I done a Reki course and underwent the regression therapy. What am I doing about it? Each day now I do my Reki and each day I am beginning to feel stronger energy in me, and around me. I want to do another regression therapy to find some further answers to my previous life...but it is all so very positive. Almost like I have a mission now in life? Do you feel this also?


    What do I feel on the horizon? In the regression I felt some message was coming, or moreso some greater knowledge that needs to be shared with the masses. I do not feel an amargadon of any kind is coming, but more of a changing of humanities perceptions of who we are is about to emerge with a strong emphasis on our global environment.


    Hope this helps. As I am super new to this group - I would like to also hear peoples feedback/comments.




  • I think these videos really sum up a lot about what I feel is on the horizon:

  • SInce posting this discussion in November, the answers to my questions have been revealed to me. Everything that I once thought was reality, is no longer. Things that I once thought were impossible, are now my reality. 


    Okay, I'm going to put it out there: I believe the world is going to be forced to deal with an extraterrestrial reality before 2011 is up. I had NEVER entertained the thought of ET's as a possibility. I am an open person, with an open mind and heart, and for some reason, I simply couldn't entertain the thought of intelligent life on other planets?Something else was at work.


    I feel over the past few months that I have shed the layers of deception that I have been shrouded in by media/government/society. I have learned to really LISTEN, not only to myself, but to the messages that are all around me. When I feel compelled to do something, I do it. I follow my intuition at all times. This is how I used to always live my life, until enough people told me it was silly.


    It is all so simple if we can just listen. THIS is the message I receive over and over. I decided to do some serious meditation the other day. My intent was to communicate with the Pleiadians. I NEVER expected to get a message in the way that I did... I channelled. While I have always experienced "psychic phenomenon" I have never been a conduit before. It was beautiful. The most intensely benevolent energy I have ever felt, a female presence, spoke through me.


    My mouth and tongue moved in ways they never had. I spoke a language that was not of this place. I asked the being to please speak in a way I could understand. There was a pause, and suddenly, I felt the need to grab my computer and start typing. As I typed words faster than I'm capable of, I spoke, with a strange whispered voice. When it was over, I was left with pages of suggestions on how to rebuild society. Lessons of what we have done right, and mostly wrong, on this planet.


    I am an educated woman, completely of sound mind. I know that I spoke with a presence that was not of this earth, yesterday. I am going to stop giving disclaimers. If you care enough to read this post, my guess is you probably don't think I'm crazy. :) 

     I feel everyday like I am unlocking more pieces of who I truly am. That was the message I received multiple times: "Remember. We want you to remember who you really are. Your history. Your destiny. It is in you. Unlock it."

     Learning to separate from self is also important. I was told it is of the utmost importance to develop a deep relationship with yourself that isn't connected to your body. Learn to love your essence; your energy, your spirit. THAT is who YOU truly are. This body is simply another vessel you have been placed in. We live on forever.


    I thank you all for your comments and will welcome more as they come. We are all finding each other for a reason.

    Do not second guess yourselves. When you are quiet, when you really listen, you will see that the truth is inside each and everyone of us.

  • 1. Yes. 

    2. I feel and know that ALL of it is on the horizon. All of the things you said. All of the things people feel; we'll soon discard the concept of 'wrong' and know that everyone is right because everyone is in charge of a different portion of reality. Every one of us holds a piece of the giant puzzle. All of these theories are inter-connected in a way that is just outside of the vision of most at this moment. 


    But every single day I see more and more people awakening to different levels of truth. More and more people shoot forward to higher levels of understanding and, with the internet, we will all find each other. We only need to listen and discern with an open, honest and grounded heart.


    Then we can finish this story, and I assure you, it will be quite the ending! And I hear the sequel's pretty good too.

  • Antoinette, what you are experiencing is both natural and timely. We are currently undergoing a galactic consciousness upgrade. This is a re-awakening of consciousness that exists within the spectrum of your souls experience in this 3rd dimensional reality. Each of us is being drawn into enhanced alignment with source energy. By trusting your inner-guidance you will open your awareness to your mission and purpose in this go-around. Love yourself and enjoy your journey into your further enlightenment. ~Dave
  • Let me give you three names of people I listen and watch on You Tube:

    1. David Wilcock

    2.Graham Hancock

    3. Gregg Braden

  • I got problems with high pitched noises and too much noise at once.
  • 1. Oh yes.I have gone through the awakening and have felt that something big and exciting is coming. I think I trying to help others as they start to go through the awakening. Trying to teach not to be affraid but to embrace the positive change.


    2. I feel a major awakening is about to surface. I have had visions about it. 2011 is a very important year for the awakening. Awakened individuals need to help guide others who are starting the process. This awakening is a rise to higher conciousness. We will learn to be intune with our higher selves like we de on early Atlantis and early Lumaria. 

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