They did not receivce my midterm, what is an indigo to do?

With weeks of praying, sending energy, reiki,seeing the desired end result...with setting intentions and letting it goexcept there was a time limitandMy intention, wanting, choosing, prayerdid not manifestThe school did not get my midtermwhat the?lost in the mailI have sent a zillion things in my life and it has never been forever lostand ughSo for my class, I put so much effort in, studying writing papers, etcI get a zero for thatbut at least the professor did not fail me, and just put incompleteSo now I have to spend more moneymore timeand take another classI am ready to throw in the towel, but I choose to graduateand I started many many years ago, and choose to accomplish that this yearI don't know why this happend to meI deserve only the best, as we all doI can't do this anymoretoo much pain and struggle in my lifemy life should be easy and flowing

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  • What Charme is there dear when it come easy....
    No joy if you achieve the goal with little effort...
    It may look that others have got it with very little effort, but its only exterior.. look. If you look deep inside any achievement, its hard work... and more focus.

    Try to look into your inner self as to why, so much of hard work and no result.. May be it needs more focus..
    I can only communicate and hsare your thoughs from far off... on net... if you wish to share and take it,,

    But good luck to you....
    "Life is just like a river, we are moving and in the end getting submerged in ocean.
    Nothing stays with us, what remains with us is the memories of some people who touched us as waves...."

    You are one of my waves... why dont you make me.. one of yours..!!!!!!

    Love you,

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