What does it mean to be an indigo?

I somehow stumbled upon a video about how to tell if you're an "Indigo Adult". I figured I needed to know what it was before figuring out if I was one, so I did my research and found the page with all the characteristics of an indigo adult before continuing onto the video.

While reading each and every characteristic of an Indigo, I felt- well. I don't know- relieved? Amazed? It was a very dizzying experience. It was an almost out-of-body feeling as I began scrolling through all these tidbits and traits of an indigo. I felt like I was reading my life story and very own character profile on this single webpage. 

It's like finding out a word for something you've been trying to figure out all along.

Like, "Ah- finally! A word for what I am." 

I've come to a conclusion that I'm very much an "indigo" or indigo adult/child. . but I don't quite know what that means exactly. I fit all the characteristics and experiences. 

But what does it mean to be an Indigo?

Can anyone enlighten me? 

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  • I am exactly right here with you , and I see that I am a year late at commenting lol

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