I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin ( but of course can't)I have gained an incredible amount of weight in a very short amount of timeIt is not related to food, cause I don't eat 3,500 extra calories all the timeand the pounds just go up and up....I am uncomfortable, so incredilby uncomfortableI am seriously looking into plastic surgerycause nothing I am doing, for a long time is helpingadn I can't live like this, too uncomfortableexcess weight and skin, it is bulky and heavyI am writing here, cause I don't know why this has happened to meI am such a beautiful, honest, kind, incredible personI don't get itIf I am suppose to be a light worker, why all of this?It doesn't make any senseand I can't do this anymore,I don't want surgery but that seems to be the only alternative to shed these extra 50 poundsmy bellymy upper armsmy thighsmy arms are bothering me so much, ughhave to pivot, I knowgod help me, where are you...............

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  • Maya,
    I'm having the same problem -- putting on weight and growing out of my clothes. I work out 4-5 times a week on a treadmill. That still doesn't do it. I'm 52, and I've slender to emaciated my whole life. This drives me nuts. I am having some success finally
    -- stop eating sugar and foods with added sugar. Water or those powdered drinks that have no calories. No ice cream
    -- no alcohol or only 1 serving of alcohol a day.
    -- no fried foods. Check labels!
    -- fruit, lots of fruit, and interesting vegetable recipes or salads
    --portion control , use a smaller bowl and/or plate
    --park further away from stores you go to
    -- 3500 calories a day won't let you lose weight, especially if you don't exercise vigorously. Try 2000 a day.
    --eat lower on the food chain, and do sit ups a lot.
    --use the stairs, be more active, even in the house. Good luck Maya!
  • I too have gained an incredible amount of weight...and I too dont eat that much, but then I am not as active as I once was, so I know that has alot to do with it. Dont fret...and as I have read here tonight, we are not alone...they say many are experienceing it and they say we will loose it when it is time...I am now about 140 lbs over weight and I feel like hell...my skin feels tight, I cant sit or anything for long....just uncomfortable and not really into how I look...kinda hard to be kind when I now look like that poster of the obese person in the dr. office....Hopefully it will be released soon...keep smilin...there is some reason for it, we just dont know what...
  • Linda may be right....

    perhaps greater determination to make a change will help you. Its one thing to want change, and its another to want it so bad that you ACT on the desire.

    Make the critical move to be your own worst critic, but then to love yourself enough to take the advice and turn yourself into what you want to be.

    Nothing can stop you but YOU.

    Make the choice, take the chance, make the change.

    Any weight lose advice anyone gives is basically the same....but the greatest change has to happen on the inside in order to change your body for the better on a consistent permanent basis.

    I believe in you....now all you have to do is believe in yourself.
  • Maya how old are you? Could you be going through menopause? If so, just step up your exercise a little (yoga is good), take down your calories a little (like stop eating meat and just go for baked fish, no junk food at all- especially soda and diet soda, more fresh veggies and fruit), up your water intake, and make sure you're taking enough vitamins and minerals.
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