When did you realize

That you were Indigo? Was there a particular defining moment, or, like me, did you always feel as though you were a little off center (for lack of a better term:) )?  Do any of you have relatives that had special abilities?  Have any of your relatives had the Venetian Veil (if you believe in the existence of such a thing)?  Most of all, how do you deal with being an Indigo?

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  • I kinda just figured out the Indigo part in summer of 2013. I've always been different though. My whole life I've been the crazy one, and sometimes accepted that I was in fact mentally ill - but something always struck me when I would begin to believe I was nuts, and it was like an inner voice saying You are not mentally ill! You have a mission! So much of my life has been of me wondering why I never completely feel comfortable around most people, even my friends. I've been called judgmental and angry, too sensitive, and a whole slew of other things, but those I meet have also described a brightness about me, and told me about a light I have for the world. It sounds like so much responsibility! For my whole life I have had a very clear vision of corruption, mistreatment of people/animals/Earth, I can read through a liar super quick, and I haven't ever succeeded at going with the grain (I tried so hard in middle/high school).

    I match with every single one of the descriptive characteristics I've seen on any Indigo website.  This past summer I had an intensely beautiful psychic reading which led me toward discovering about Indigos, and was told my primary purpose is to bring a 'rainbow baby' into the world. Kinda nuts because I don't really know that I could handle having kids with all the crazy things I feel.

    I'm cool with who I am, I like that my perspective of the world is a bit different. The hardest part of being Indigo is two fold. 1, I don't seem to attract other indigos who totally understand where I'm coming from, and 2. that so much of the world doesn't see what i see. I'm sure every single one of you can relate to both of these.

  • January 8th 2012 which is extremely symbolic for me...I'm going to write a book...

  • When i came across this, it too was during a search for more answers to myself and the continuous events in my life that i am constantly experiencing. 

    As an adoptive child my upbringing was quite turbulent and scarring both mentally and physically. I also had snow white hair up until i was about 4 or 5 then it grew out. My real parents could never understand why i was so hyperactive and failed to concentrate at school, i was placed in many special classes because of this however it still was to no avail and I always had a question for something wether it was because of a decision made, altercations between friends or when asked to and complete such a trivial task set out by my parents or teachers. I may not have expressed those questions out loud mainly because I had no want of getting yelled at for asking but there was a real need to know why. 

    In my teens is when i really began to notice something different in myself compared to everyone else, it felt like i was becoming more emotionally unstable because i was continuously developing emotional bonds to animals like my neighbours pets, my broken toys and to some certain plants in the backyard which eventually turned into wanting to care for my mothers garden because i always imagined them all as having strong feelings just like us and saw them as being another person that would speak just as we would which meant that they too would feel pain and neglect just as we do (Including my toys).

    I became more questionable of myself when I began to have certain dreams and at one specific point or another something would happen, or someone would say something then days weeks or even months later, I would experience De ja vu when someone would say something or something would happen around me. I thought i was special because of it and when it stopped for a while i thought nothing of it until it started again and became continuous throughout my life but when i would ask family or a friend if they experienced this also i would be met with the same answer, "It's nothing so dont worry about it" To this day I still experience De ja Vu from dreams i would experience. 

    Eventually I came across the term Indigo Child when I was randomly surfing through youtube and decided to take a look at it for some reason, I felt compelled to do this and from there my curiosity became more. There were so many characteristics and traits that were mentioned about these Indigo Children and i had to keep looking and then all of a sudden a penny dropped for me, pretty much of all traits and characteristics an Indigo Child would exhibit and show, I too had the same traits, characteristics and experiences. It became a little too much for me and I stopped thinking about it all together and turned away from wanting to learn more.

    Now im 26 years of age, Living a content life and learning more and more about who i may truly be. I always seem to know how someone truly feels both emotionally and mentally, and im prone to getting teary eyed with almost anything that will tug at the heart strings, I seem to know how to do or operate something well enough without having any knowledge or experience, I also have a passion for music, creativity and express myself through drawings or almost any form of arts (I excelled the most in arts science and Phys.Ed in school) I dont take to crowded spaces too well, especially in a night club unless if im actually the one Djing because it allows me to concentrate on playing and feeling the music. My dreams have begun becoming more vibrant and i tend to remember some of my dreams quite well from time to time, I still develop bonds with animals, plants, other people and inanimate objects that make me feel more connected to life itself, some people find me as a natural leader (which i still contest against) I have found myself striving for the truth and true justice, and also a believer in Karma.

    The list could go on and on but i feel that this may be long enough as it is already (sorry if it is haha) and so in short, wether I am an Indigo or just more spiritually aware of myself and my surroundings I am just happy to have found more people who share in the same experiences I have experienced, I dont feel so alone any more and that makes me happy.   

  • for me it was after i turned 25, almost like this instant feeling of finally being awake. i saw almost everything differently and my spirituality which was almost non existent beforehand, became something i researched with much intensity. i have always been intelligent, and creative, i have always had a love for music, sang, played instruments, wrote songs, poetry, even started writing a book, then i discovered i could sketch and that skill became drastically improved in a very short amount of time it seemed as if my hands remembered something i had never even done before. my intuition was always on point even though i never listened to it when i was younger. i have always had this urge to protect those who i viewed as being weaker than me, and lying and false promises make me irate. i cannot stand politics because i think the system is very flawed and compromised and noone wants to truly help the less fortunate they only wish to help themselves and ppl like them. i have the outlook that we are all pink on the inside, noone is truly any different than the other, color, gender, sexual orientation, and social standing mean almost nothing to me. i have become a happier person since i succumbed to all of these changes, although i have a feeling that even if i would have resisted this change, it would have happened anyhow. 

  • Many years ago. I didn't know you called adults 'indigo' but I've known a long time. I have a son that is the same. We are artist-musicians that love nature, animals and feel very strong about human rights.Raised in Dallas, and always around the 'arts', I've always been motivated by intuition. It has guided me for many years. Learned Reiki, several years back and I learned there was something special about thinking, meditating in the color purple..Just continuing on this journey.

  • I've been able to feel what others feel my entire life. As a small child, someone would say they were ok and I would get in trouble for pointing out that not only were they not ok, but I could tell them exactly what hurt and where. Everyone said I was weird and didn't like being around me because I could tell them within 5 minutes what was bothering then and why. My mother decided I had Asbergers Syndrome when I was a teen and I let everyone think that because it was easier than trying to explain myself. I've also been able to see things before they happen since I can remember I have a dream of something happening to me, and later (days, months, or even years) someone tells me the exact thing happened to them, in the exact place and at the exact time of day!
    I have a daughter who is very sensitive to her surroundings and has predicted several natural disasters. All of my children pick up on the feel of whatever is going on and act up if it's negative. They all love to catch bugs and small critters and call the ants in our yard their pets! We attract lots of cats and dogs and my children manage to pet the ones that aren't 'kid friendly', which always amazes the owners. Does this mean they are indigo? Or Crystal? I'm new at all this.
  • I always felt different. Always challenged my parents, with endless why's and indepth negotiations even when I was as young as 5. My behavior was so different from birth that my mom had me in therapy at 3. By 8 I admitted some of the visions I'd been having to my therapist, bad idea, the first thing she did was refer me to a psychiatrist who began putting me on all sorts of meds. Thinking I was psychotic. Finally by 13 with a cocktail of meds my mom saw I was like a zombie and she was on a holistic kick so she brought me into reiki healing, after my 1st session she spoke with my mom and I explaining she believed I was an indigo child, she explained the meds I was on was having a negative effect on my indigo soul. My mom never brought me back & for many years I forgot about this. Then @ 17 I took a stand against my mom and the meds she was making me take. Although I felt better being off them I wasn't completely myself. Since then I have been searching for answers. Although I have healed a great deal there are still many scars, I wish my mom would have listened to the reiki lady so many years ago.
  • This is awesome. I just found this page two weeks ago, but it turns out I may not be alone, for me to finally understand I'm an indigo, and to start learning more and more has been mind blowing. My dreams are more vivid, I can be there at any time. Learning to harness your third eye can really let you open up to the universe. I would have never thought any of this was real a month ago. ... I can't lie but since realizing it life has been more fun. The other day I focused on a patch of clouds and they seemed to dissipate right where I was looking ... what if everyone did that? What if we all had the power to do This? We could clear the skies! I know I'm getting off topic but just like u I yearn to know so much more. Love to chat sometime. Nomaste!
  • This may sound silly, and I'm no expert when it comes to the term, 'indigo', but I can relate to some (not all) of the characteristics (although I wouldn't say 90% though). But I do very often see a dark blue'ish blob when I close my eyes, around my third eye (I suspected it was my brow chakra being opened)

    Of course, this gets more purple'ish as I go deeper into meditation (and I've known this, 'blob' for many, many years, even before I cam across spirituality)

    So, at the risk of sounding ignorant, (and forgive me if I am...) but does that mean that I'm indigo? (if it doesn't, thats cool, but I'm never 100% sure...)


  • Hi Amanda!

    I honestly thought Indigo children all had blue eyes or something. It never occurred to me that the "perpetual outsider" feeling plus all the random things I've experienced could be linked to something like this.  I wandered on this site today looking for answers and found stories that gave me this weird,  "i could've written this same story because i lived it" feeling. some of it really stirred some emotions!

    I grew up learning to ignore my intuition especially when it came to people because it's not right to make snap judgments of others before you give them a chance. I knew how bad I felt when I was misunderstood so I grew accustomed to ignoring that voice that warned me about things. (then of course i'd kick myself later when it proved to be right)

    Anyway, I found this website today because the tv turned itself on again and i decided to consult google for explanations and curiosity took it from there.

    I feel like i identify with a lot of things that have been said here. the things that always felt different about me were:

    Electronic devises always misbehave around me--more so when i'm upset or excited.

    I had my first serious life and death premonition when i was about 14 but i misread it and nearly made things worse.

    People tend to follow me like i know what i'm doing even when they know i'm just as new to things as they.

    I sometimes know things or places or people with no logical explanation. 

    I have deja vous so often it's actually comforting now.

    I've always felt like i had some kind of purpose or mission that i need to remember and accomplish.

    I'm a massage therapist now and i feel a lot closer to that purpose. especially since i have had clients comment on the heat from my hands. some of them suspect i'm an energy healer. i guess that would be how i deal with being so different--getting to use it to help people changed it so that it actually feels worth something now.

    your other question was about relatives. my family is strict non-denominational christian. so no one claims to have any special abilities or anything of the sort. (save for a few ghost stories about my grandfather after he passed) but i know my mother is energy sensitive. i don't know if she's clairvoyant but i know the sensitivity is enough to really restrict her.

    This is my first post here in the group. i feel like maybe i should've kept it a little shorter! I hope it's the sort of answer you were looking for.

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