why do some indigos lie, what is the point?

why do some indigos lie? If we are all so sensitive and all....I don't get it..in response to a post here,andI just watched this old interview with Michael Jackson, whom I don't know if he was indigo, but he was preety darn neat on some levels, and he was talking about how really sensitive he was, how he feels others pain, and I believe he did yet he was also lying so bad, when asked questions, his body language showed it, he would shake his head no and touch his face,I don't know, i was just thinking more about it... what is the point of lying... when you know what is up, ya know what I mean?

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  • To Jeanette and Trish - I do think for an indigo, once they have a better understanding of who they are and why we are like we are - lying becomes more and more difficult. As our journey unfolds.

    As a child, yes, I can remember telling the odd lie, but not many. The inner feelings around a lie gave me such an uncomfortable feeling, and the internal trauma if you got found out was overwhelming. Lies are like pushing the boundries of how others see us - people usually lie to cover what they dont want others to see.

    Hence we end up living the lie - which I feel as the indigo personality starts to take over (our own awareness) it becomes too uncomfortable and the stress begins to show - in our bodys, our action, our thoughts and our words.... but body language as blue river states with MJ - just gave him away.

    In other words - when the indigo personallity truly takes over - you find you walk in the path of your own truth.... not a lie. it starts to become too uncomfortable. Being human just means we have tendancy to share the same feelings - its what we do with them that count.
  • Indigos are just people and, as such, cannot be pigeon-holed. They are susceptible to all the weaknesses that everyone else experiences, so don't be too surprised if some might resort to dishonest behavior at times. It doesn't mean they are not indigos. It just means they are human.
  • in re: to MJ, intranstion, you have a great perspective on that, thanks for sharing.
    When he died, I was talking to him, well looking up at my ceiling, upset of the way he was,
    lying in interviews about plastic surgery, so obvious waht the truth was, and I was angry about it, which was interesting, yeah, I think MJ was an empath and indigo, soemthing strong,phenomnal...
  • As an indigo I find it nearly impossible to lie - my innerself fights me not to. So if I did/do, it will be more of an evasion of the of not quite saying it as it is - but to deviate around the subject. In other words, I wont lie to make myself look good or to get out of something - I am prepared to take the consequences of my actions to the fullest. But if I can make something a little less painful for another, I will try to find a comprimise with the words I use. I think this is where Michael was coming from.

    He knew the eyes of the world were upon him - on every word or action. The consequences of that power are tremendous. I think he was trying to please every one - but in doing that he actually let himself down. It drained him to the core.

    The body language spoke volumes as you stated - but his emotions were in turmoil with such a burden.
  • I hate to lie, but sometimes I hide parts of myself from people who I believe are not safe to share with. Perhaps Michael Jackson had to lie about things for the same reason. He was always being criticized and it was obviously very painful for him. I believe he was an Empath, as am I. It's very painful to be made fun of for the way I am, so sometimes it's easier to just not tell the whole truth.
  • Well not everyone is so secure in themselves. I believe sometimes we lie to hide something within us that we do not want to openly admiit. Not that what we are hiding is such a ugly disasterous thing but we are uncomfortable with that choice we made, the action we proceeded or an aspect of ourselves so we hide it. Or else people lie because they beleive the truth will not result in what they desire. So they lie to get what they want. People will lie no matter if they believe the other person knows what's up or not. THey will lie cause they choose to lie.
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