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First Wave Indigo Qualities

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Welcome all! If you resonate with or have experienced any of the following qualities experienced by many indigos, you may be an indigo yourself!

First Wave Indigo Profiles
These are some of the qualities and challenges that First Wave Indigos experience. Most Indigos can relate to at least 90% of this list.
~ Were born en masse (about 62%) between 1969 and 1987 (With stragglers before and after - 30% were born in the 50's).
~ Highly intelligent in their "Own Way."
~ Are literally "wired differently" than other people.
~ Know in their heart and core that they are here "on a mission" but many don't remember what that is or how to go about it.
~ Have an inner awareness that what is being taught in churches and schools is NOT accurate and know there are hidden agendas around the lies that are being accepted by the masses as "Truth." This is extremely frustrating but inspires them to uncover the cover-ups and expose The Real Truth!
~ Have a strong sense of truth, ethics, justice and freedom. (That is why "authority figures" many times irritate and frustrate them). When these are in jeopardy, will give their "all" for their cause, and many times feel they would rather die than give-in to tyranny and deception.
~ Many have strong or unusual Psychic and Telekinetic abilities.
~ Have extraordinary levels of compassion.
~ Have purple/UV as their favorite color or see it in their dreams.
~ Have an affinity to Knights, Castles, and Dragons.
~ Shut down psychic abilities because it scares people.
~ Feel like they could be one of the characters on the 1980's television series "The Misfits of Science" or one of the young people in Xavier's school for the gifted in the recent movies from the comic books "The X-Men."
~ Many times get along better with animals and nature than people.
~ Have a bond/connection to the trees, and nature in general.
~ Can relate well to children and or the elderly.
~ Feel very comfortable lounging, and would rather sit on the floor on a pillow than in a hard, uncomfortable chair. (Would prefer sitting on the floor in school, and business meetings if they could get away with it!)
~ Are very attracted to soft natural fabrics in their cloths and fuzzy blankets are the ultimate!
~ Many times get very impatient with someone who doesn’t get to the point quickly!
~ Creative, inventive, and very intuitive.
~ Involve themselves in human/animal rights efforts.
~ Have an innate sense of "oneness" and connectedness to all of creation. Get confused and disturbed when others don't share their reality of "at-one-ment."
~ High capacity for love, and therefore others may feel uncomfortable by their intensity.
~ Very sensitive, sometimes "Hyper Sensitive" and may not be able to distinguish between the emotional fields of those around them and their own personal emotions.
~ May go through periods of apathy and cynicism as coping mechanisms.
~ Intense longing for "their own kind" (Soul Mates) but don't know where to look.
~ Have what I endearingly term H.D.D. or "Hug Deficit Disorder" and need immense amounts of physical touching, hugs, and love to "cuddle."
~ Because of being misunderstood and then betrayed, may develop strong trust issues, and therefore keep many of their thoughts, feelings and opinions to themselves.
~ About 30% have difficulties expressing them selves, especially in writing. NOTE: If you read some of the poorly written correspondence from some of these First Wave Indigos, you would assume they were uneducated and nearly illiterate, but the truth is, that these same people can also be speed readers and can absorb information in seconds that would take others minutes to understand and retain.
~ Very disciplined when properly motivated.
~ Get bored and or frustrated in school.
~ Male Indigos (and many Females) for the most part don't "do authority" very well because most of the time they are smarter than those in authority.
~ Many find themselves in "Alternative Schools."
~ Female Indigos seem to be able to cope better with the school systems than their male counterparts.
~ Many are labeled "Dyslexic" and find themselves in "Special Classes" at school that usually never work for them.
~ Indigos have a strong desire to know "why" •and if they don't see "the point" in something, (or if is it isn't explained properly), will feel it is simply not worth their time/energy and will either react with resistance or just simply "blow off" the people/things that seem not worth their time and energy.
~ Innately have their own ways of calculation and many have been accused of cheating in school because they do the answers in their head and cannot show their work.
~ Indigos have an evolved awareness of how things work, therefore, many of the rigid rules and methods of learning Math, English, and Physics (NOT metaphysics or quantum physics) make no sense to them.
~ All First wave Indigos have what might be termed as "A Gift of Healing" ....whether it is making people feel better with their humor and wit, hands on healing, animal and plant healing, healing with music and tone, or healing with new "unproven" methods.. •some of which are natural and need no external training for.
~ Many Indigos have "Telepathic Healing" abilities and long distances make no difference to the efficiency of their work.
~ Because of their expanded perception, unusual creativity, wanting to try new things, and running way ahead of what is being taught in class, many were diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder, and put on Ritalin as children.
s~ Most Indigo's (especially males) have a high innate aptitude for computers/electronics and or auto mechanics. It is common for them to "Just Know" how to operate and trouble shoot with very little help from a book or an instructor.
~ First Wave Indigo's are extremely creative, and express this innate skill in many (and often times OUTRAGEOUS forms.) These skills manifest in: Drawing, Painting, culpting, Decorating, Photography, Writing (in sometimes very extreme and unique ways), Making Blueprints and Prototypes, Composing and Playing Music•.(even if they have never had lessons), inventing games, and creating new & more efficient ways of doing things.
~ Very few Indigos are interested in aggressive sports such as Football and Hockey. They would rather spend their physical exercise time and energy in personal achievement and outdoor sports such as track & field, skateboarding, mountain climbing, cycling, kayaking, etc. They are also attracted to discipline and self-defense sports such as Fencing and Martial Arts
~ Because of their feeling so foreign to this planet, a very high percentage of Indigos have been put on "Antidepressants" to make them appear "Normal" and fit in our society•.this is just a temporary fix though, and only adds to their challenges.
~ Many Indigos are drawn to Theatrics, Drama, and Stand-up Comedy. In these venues they can "pretend to be someone else" when actually they are using this as an outlet to vent and express their own views and pent up emotions. It is also a place for "misfits" to find a place of refuge and "fit in".
~ Because of their feeling so "alien" here, many go through periods of severe grief, loneliness, and displacement•..and may turn to drugs, alcohol, or attempt suicide for a way out.
There are many, many, more qualities, as we have been discovering here in this group forum that exist, and the list continues to grow, almost on a daily basis. Be-ing indigo is an ever-evolving state of BE-ing as we are learning more every day!

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  • Just wanted to take some time to great my Indigo siblings...


    Love you guys!

  • I will, Jordypop!  Thank you for your support!

    Hi AJindigoBarowl, wow, lot's of cool synchronicity!  Thanks for sharing.  I call on Archangel Michael most every day. 


  • Hi Elaine, I found out I was an Indigo the same way! I have Doreen Virtue's Archangel cards and the card I pulled told me I'm an Indigo. I looked it up and I knew right away why I've felt so different all my life. It was me almost exactly. And when I asked another question about if I'm an Indigo the first two cards were purple and blue. Just days before this I was painting a flower pot. Originally it was burgundy and gold to match my room and then suddenly I decided to paint it purple and blue with little stars. I resonate really well with Archangel Michael and he's associated with blue stars. It's just like all these hints bombarded me to tell me I'm an Indigo! :)

  • Say it loud, say it proud Elaine :-D

  • Hello,

    I am an Indigo Adult! When I first read about Indigo children, I resonated with it right away. Today, I drew the "Indigo" Angel Therapy card. I have had these cards for some time, but have never drawn this particular card till today. I knew it was referring to me. The question I asked the angels today was about me in relationship to a specific healing for myself. "The person you're inquiring about is an "Indigo," meaning a highly sensitive, natural-born leader."

    If you would like to connect with me on Facebook my personal page is: http://www.facebook.com/elaine.enlightening

    As an Indigo Adult, I take very seriously my ability to help people heal.

    If you would like to see my community page and tell me what you think I would really appreciate it. http://www.facebook.com/ElaineEnlighteningcoach

    Blessings and love to all.

    Elaine Enlightening
    "Light is unlimited...and spreads across the world in quiet joy." A Course in Miracles

  • That makes sense and very well said, Marsha! It has been an interesting journey (to say the least haha) to find and keep the relationship. I am very grateful. It is so magical. I am very happy to have found him. I encourage everyone to meditate on finding your twin flame. It is quite the experience! Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it! Have a beautiful weekend and much love to you :}
  • hellos Jill, you are blessed to have found and to be with your twin flame. it does not mean that he is an indigo just that you and he are evlolved enough to find and stay with eachother. he could be an indigo, crystaline or any other sort of energy . the improtant thing is that you two love and respect eachother.


  • Hi! I am new here and think I may be an indigo, as many of the qualities resonate with me. I have met and am in a relationship with my twin flame. Does that mean he is an indigo as well?
  • They say nothing is promised tomorrow so why do I have doubts, the root to all evil is money witch means that's my way out, achieving my goals will be perceived as ego, I took the shot it seems to be a free throw, a burden in my mind but that's just me though, so I gotta take it with a grain of salt like a frido, put the chips on the table but that isn't free dough, life is a gamble witch isn't said enough like we know, am I drowning in these thoughts or swimming like nemo, its like having cancer and not going for the chemo, I'm floating In the clouds guided by two angels of light, the sun beams through the cracks its conceived as life, I can see my darkest days fade as I take flight, is this death? How if I didn't give up with out a fight, beat down to the last breath I rise with all my might, my dreams are almost reached but its just out of sight, giving up isn't an option death isn't promised tonight, my eyes open and I realize this is just my life, My god teaches, he gives me a gift to perceive, recreate my own creative dream, the sky is the limit isn't something I believe, how can you put a limit on a perception of unlimited beliefs, tune into a energy thats extraordinarly unique, built on a foundation of pain that's internally deep, when it all clicks and makes sense purpose is at its peak, the question of what if concepts an intuitive way I speak, the finding of ones self is what you see, base upon ones self and what you seek, it all lies in the heart of love care and peace,
  • this is the 1st time i have ever joined anything!! ive been in search since i was 12. i just discovered i am an adult indigo, i have many gifts and abilities that i always wonder about, but in someway something has drawn me 2 all this...and i finally found answers and need 2 find my purpose!!

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