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Hi, my name is Priscila. I have recently joing this forum

Since the first time I came across the law of attraction idea I have been reading as much as I can and tried to apply it to my life as much as possible. It is not as easy as it seems (or maybe it is, who knows…) anyways, I did some small tests to it to see if it worked, I mean, visualizing simple things to see if they would happen, and they did.

I have a really good job. Well,  it is an internship actually.  I will be hired at the end of the program if the position is open, but  I deeply believe that  will happen and see it happening, I don’t know it yet for sure, but I just feel it, so that it is not really the issue in my life at the moment.

I must say I am a very confident person in some aspects of my life but some other ones related to achieving happiness are completely opposite.  My biggest fear is to be alone.  Never really have long term relationships, just short ones. My family is very conservative and sometimes I feel that this did me no good at all. I am trying as hard as I can to invest in myself in terms of reading books, articles, meditation, being patient, etc. Do you have a piece of advice to that?

I know there is someone for me out there,  but every time a friend talks to me about it and how I should really hurry or otherwise I will be alone, I feel really angry and disappointed, therefore not really trusting the law of attraction. How can I deal with that?

Thank you all. Really appreciate all comments and suggestions :D


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  • So glad you guys/girls enjoyed it :)

    Great inspiration for my journaling :)

  • Thanks for your comment Monique. 

    I appreciate my company and I really like to do things on my own. But  I do everything on my own. I have friends and i hang out with them, but feel like something is missing. I love myself, so i am not sure what i am doing wrong.

    • The things you said in this reply you could tap on...and see how you feel about it. Check out eft unless you already know the basics. What you wrote are some good things to work on.  "But i do everything on my own, but feel like something is missing, i am not sure what i am doing wrong." 

      All good things to work on.

    • thanks Chip. 

      How much time should i dedicate to tapping. I mean, if i do it early morning, how long should i tap? I was reading some stuff on taping but couldnt really find any information on how much time i sould do it every day.


    • Well one round of tapping takes less than a minute to do. So I'd say, do it when you feel something negative come along. OR if you were to wake up and tap, pick something and tap on it until you feel better about it. To really learn how to tap I recommend checking out Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. Carol Look is his Apprentice and her work is great as well. Doing their recommendations I believe are the best. Even Brad Yates is great. Which one works best for you is your decision. I work with all three. 

    • it is a really nice video Anastacia! thanks

  • thank you for your comment Anastacia!


    I agree with you when you say there is no way someone can advise you on finding someone.  Just like you, I am also trying to shift the way I think of things. I am aware I am attracting this to my life and I am really decided to change that.

    I wanna share my happiness with someone not finding someone to make me happy. I am trying to enjoy myself in the little things I do and better understand what I am really pursuing and what kind of situations related to this bring me down.

    thanks :)

    • I'm over at Google (frivilous research...lol)... finding that i do alot of what is suggested. One thing struck me a bit... they talked about people making comparisons, i found that interesting. Well... they said "don't do  it" and stay away from negative folks.  So far... I'm finding some interesting tidbits.

      Thanks Priscila (for inspiring my research)   :)

    • I followed this link... a great investment in smiling.


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