You can do as much visualization and affirmations. For some people, it just doesn't work. Its not that it doesn't work, they just have some serious blocks holding them back. The point of this Group is to communicate with people about what they can do to remove blocks by investing in themselves. Maybe purchasing a product or reading some book that pertains to the topic. Being able to invest in yourself will provide you with great progress whether you invest $5 or $5000. 

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  • The Biggest Investment Ever is Investing In self,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Hello everyone.  Great thread.  I just joined Powerful Intentions not long ago when I was taking a 7 week course with Neale Donald Walsh called Conversations With God.  I am in the process of getting a Law of Attraction certification.  I also have a Facebook page that is a work in progress.  I look forward to getting to know all of you!

    Living Beyond Limiting Beliefs
    Living Beyond Limiting Beliefs, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. 1K likes. I help people heal from traumatic events, reprogram negative thinking, give guidan…
  • Melissa does distance healing, so you dont have to go to her to experience results. This is for getting rid of emotions about things you are dealing with. 

    Her website is and she does a 30 minute session for $25. You will have to do quite a few sessions and as a good place to start would be "the heart wall." Refer to the book "the emotion code" by Bradley Nelson for an explanation of what that is. Its probably one of the things stopping you from appreciating who you are.

    Rewriting your old beliefs is a little more pricey. Why is it though? Because you will notice a change in the following few weeks. 

  • How you search for those ppl on google can you get a link that's legit ? And I reallly want someone to rewrote my old beliefs
  • Monique, you have a few limiting beliefs that are most likely the cause of this. Your emotions are blocking you as well. The emotion code is a good book to read and do the technique yourself or work with a practitioner. Either way, that is a great way to release emotions of the past. You can also look up someone who rewrites your subconscious beliefs. Two best places to start. :)

  • It is not easy for our ownself cos we dnt find ourself worth n we value others more than us.... We need to value self first then it comes for others more turelly...

    Chip @ u r right,first doing for myself will make other people ask for success and follow loa...
  • You want to manifest success & happiness for someone you know and you are curious if that is possible?

    Well do you have success and happiness? Bc if you dont, even trying to focus on someone elses success before your own does not help you at all. And the best place for you to be able to help someone else is in a position where you are successful and happy yourself. 

    Help yourself first and that person will see that you are doing something and that person will want to know what you are doing so that they can do it too. 

  • Waan manifest happiness success n abundance for a person other than me
    Possible ?
  • Alright Alright Alriiiiight. This is a good amount of members to get a question rolling. Anyone willing to invest in themselves and have a question that could possibly be answered by one of us...Fire away.


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Hi EveryoneI'm happy to announce that I have available a CD set about the LOA & its very powerful :-)Its 14 CDs worth of material which are about an hour each. CD 13 contains Q&A's from people who have used the CDs themselves and wanted more clarity. CD 14 is an invite to join our organization if that is your desire to do so.For now I wanted to offer you the audios if it is your desire to learn some powerful information that not many people understand, when it comes to the law of attraction.Its…

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pursuit of happiness

Hi, my name is Priscila. I have recently joing this forumSince the first time I came across the law of attraction idea I have been reading as much as I can and tried to apply it to my life as much as possible. It is not as easy as it seems (or maybe it is, who knows…) anyways, I did some small tests to it to see if it worked, I mean, visualizing simple things to see if they would happen, and they did.I have a really good job. Well,  it is an internship actually.  I will be hired at the end of…

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