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  • Just wanted to stop in and say hello

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    How to make a fortune out of HEMP – legally!

    Now you can make a fortune out of Hemp, legally! You might find that statement difficult to believe, but it’s true. You can build your own network marketing business and earn huge amounts of money by using Versativa’s range of top quality Hemp-based products.

    The Versativa Network is set to revolutionize and take the network marketing industry by storm – by offering a highly lucrative and unique business opportunity – along with an awesome range of natural, quality Hemp-based products.

    Even although Versativa is a start-up in its own right, it is a new division of ForeverGreen, one of the publicly-traded, multi-million dollar leaders in the network marketing industry. With a history of innovation and a reputation for quality, ForeverGreen has earned itself pride of place among the network marketing giants.

    Versativa aims to be the first successful international Hemp-based network marketing company. Apart from offering this rewarding business opportunity, Versativa is also at the forefront of The Hemp Movement, and is committed to supporting efforts to legalize the growing of Hemp in the United States.

    Hemp has been used throughout the ages as a highly versatile raw material that is easy to grow. Natural Hemp is a much stronger plant than the marijuana variety, which means it has the possibility to help create a wealth of new raw materials and an almost endless possibility of uses. Hemp can be used in almost everything – from cosmetics to nutritional supplements; through a wide variety of healthy Hemp eats and snacks; to Hemp vodka. Even cars and houses have been made from Hemp. Clothing too. The Hemp plant produces the toughest natural fiber on earth. It is three times stronger than cotton, warmer and longer-lasting.

    With this wealth of uses and the potential Hemp has of helping revive our ailing global economy, Versativa is offering a unique business opportunity that promises unequalled earning potential and the chance to truly be your own boss as you build your network marketing empire.

    Versativa’s Hemp-based range is of the highest possible quality, made with the finest ingredients, and based mainly on whole food products that you will use anyway. So you can build a massive business simply by being a consumer and inviting your family and friends to join you.

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    On top of all of this is Versativa’s unbeatable compensation plan. So check out the Versativa opportunity today and help yourself while you help boost our economy – and together, let’s make the most of this incredible opportunity.

    And remember, besides building a huge, highly profitable business for yourself, you’ll also be supporting The Hemp Movement. So join today!

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    Help, Please add your energy to support the movement.
  • If you are a small business person or are just beginning one this video may be fpr you. The successful business woman who you will see in the video, Ginny Dye is someone I know personally and she is a good soul who opperates on the Law of Attraction principles. Give it a look-see to see if what she is offering is for you.

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    Mike strolled out of the office and onto the grounds. Looking over the most recent litter of pups, he smiled. Stroking their warm fur, he enjoyed their rollicking, rolling play. The mother came over and nudged him, wanting a little love herself.

    Eager to please, the pups looked first at Mike and then at Mama. Standing on their hind legs, they tried to climb into his lap. Laughing at their antics, Mike stood and stretched.

    Life was good. The dogs were pure joy embodied on four, fuzzy, fat legs. The fact he earned a living (and a good living at that) from them was a much-appreciated bonus.

    Looking at his watch, Mike glanced up the tree-lined road. The sun threw shadows as the morning mist thinned. New owners of the previous litter would be arriving soon, and then he had an interview to give.

    His kennel chain, Wildrose, was gaining in popularity. Pleased with where his life headed, he reflected on how very different it was from his police officer days.

    Breeding and training pure English Labrador Retrievers gave him a deep satisfaction.

    These dogs are not just another animal to him, nor to his buyers. They are true working friends of the family. His advertising said it best: a "Gentleman's Gundog™" of superb temperament and natural game finding ability; a dog that is gentle in the home, dynamic in the field, and the perfect complement to any family's outdoor adventures from canoeing, fishing, hiking mountain trails to leisurely afternoons by the lake."

    Mike Stewart owns and operates Wildrose with kennels in Mississippi, Arkansas and Colorado.

    After purchasing the liquidated operation nearly 15 years ago, he currently earns over 1.2 million dollars a year! He travels throughout the United States giving exhibitions and seminars. Wildrose has grown into the largest full-time training facility in North America specializing in British training methods.

    Mike’s dogs are champions in many trials and experts in more. A unique breeder, he offers "puppies, started dogs, and finished dogs." The price tag for his completely trained and finished Gentleman's Dogs is over $10,000. He only sells 15 of those each year. His pups go for $1275 to $1500. He doesn't just train the dogs, he also requires new owners to go through his Handler's course. That way, not only is the new owner satisfied with the dog, the dog is happy with the owner!

    Steve must be doing a lot of things right because he has more than 200 people on the doggie waiting list -- that is more than a full year of work. He provides quality customer service, personal care, beautiful animals, and excellent, gentle dog training.

    Mike loves his animals and they love him right back. His long history of training canines reaches back over 30 years! For him, a passionate hobby has turned into a grand life adventure.

    Do you have a hobby you could turn into a profitable business? Do you like to organize? How about starting a closet organizing business? Are you handy with tools? Most folks need many projects done at their home that you could easily do. Enjoy animals? How about caring for people's dogs and cats while they are on vacation? How about mowing yards and landscaping? Having a green thumb can mean big bucks if turned into a growing, green business!

    I am sure you have many other ideas you could share. Feel free to email me and let me know what your hobby is. I want to know!

    Together, as we encourage each other, let’s put our dreams into action!

    Every day is a wonderful day to start living your passions. Each day you live is a good day to begin again or build on what you’ve started. And as you go throughout your day, always remember that…


    And I do, too!
    Suess Karlsson

    5 Million for Change
  • glitter -

    Oct 10, 2009 – 5 Million For Change

    Just in from Ginny Dye, Founder and CEO of Together We Can Change The World (TWCCTW) and My Power Mall (MPM)

    I chose to raise my hand to be a part of 5 Million For Change!..Even in these tough economic times, everyone can make a difference. Check this out...

    I just joined an amazing group called 5 MILLION FOR CHANGE! And, yes, we're out to make the world a better place.

    This is not just one of those groups that you add your name to in order to see how big it can become. Joining this group makes you a part of the Together We Can Change the World Association! Why is that a great thing? Because they GIVE you every single one of their resources - Free E-books, Free E-cards, Free Prints, access to Together We Can Change The World Day and SO MUCH MORE!

    I've always wanted to do something to help change the world - I just didn't know what to do. Now I have all the resources I need to make a huge impact. Not only that - I now have a commitment to doing everything I can to get these resources into millions of hands all over the world.

    That's why I'm posting this on my Powerful Intentions page. I want YOU to become part of 5 Million For Change. It won't cost you a thing to make a difference and RAISE YOUR HAND to be one of 5 Million For Change!

    Just go to: 5 Million for Change

    I'd love to know if you decide to join. , Namaste, Dave

  • Here's to the future !


    Innovative's Facebook profile

    and feel free to check out my blog's on my page, i have some cool new interesting stuff !


    Brock Michael
  • Thanks for the invite:)

    7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret
  • I hope this helps someone get their business off the ground or at least generate some income. The ad is also on the right of each page under Powerful Sponsors.

  • Best book I've read thus far that has clarified so many things for me is The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Abraham-Hicks. All their stuff is good, but this really brought it all home. I highly recommend it!
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Its Good Business.

Welcome to My Its Good Business Group! Marketing on the Internet is changing and a new and hopefully better way of doing business is emerging. The Law of Attraction really is making its mark on the internet. As we start to realize how powerful a force that is more and more people are looking for a way to market with integrity.Marketing online is really all about relationships. It's time to stop all the hype and promises and learn to develop Good Business practices. Google is a great place to…

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