What do you think about asking the universe for a SIGN that what you've intended is going to come true???

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  • How many of you are following, learning from or involved with Esther and Jerry Hicks - The communication of Abraham???

    I have just recently gotten great information from them and have loved every minute of it.

    Why are we not teaching this world wide. 

    -Do everything from a feel good stand point.

    -Do not take any action in your life unless you feel good.

    -Help others to feel good by asking if they are aligned with source energy 

    -think and talk only of that which you wish to obtain in your life.

    -talk only about that what is coming, not what is currently in your life.

    Today I am going throughout the day with deliberate intention to find the good in everything and every situation. I will create good feelings and talk only of that which I wish to acquire.

    I will use words like:

    I cant wait until...

    I look forward to...

    Wouldnt it be nice if...

    Can you imagine if...

    I would like it if...

    I like the idea of...

    These key phrases are more powerful in creating good feelings than using phrases like..

    I want to...

    I wish I had...

    why cant there be...

    I am so sick of...

    Try it and see what happens. 

    Try it for 48 hours using the new phrases to tell your story and post below what changes come about..

    I would love to hear back from you.


  • I am a dreamer, day and night, and always have very vivid dreams. If you have dreams about getting what you want to manifest (in my case,being in the arms of the one I love) is that your subconscious' process of manifesting it into reality? A sign from the universe? 

  • It looks like its been a while since I have been in here.  I am in transition in my life right now. I currently own my own health and fitness business named ONE Ultimate Health (www.oneultimatehealth.com) and I am working towards other bigger things and was looking for signs from the Source to help me on the right path. How is everyone else doing with their signs from the Universe??

  • That is strange. I get all kinds of license plate signs myself. The one I've been getting for the past 2 years is New York. Since I'm in western New Jersey (where seeing a New York license plate is fairly uncommon), it's very easy for me to go to New York City for the day so I follow the signs :)
  • How many of you read Steve Pavlina Blog? I think if you dont you should check out some of his MANY blogs. He talks a lot about manifesting, and really rings with what we are all trying to accomplish here. Check him out and see for yourselves. http://www.stevepavlina.com Let me know what you think. ALso please check out my blog at http://jenrmac.blogspot.com
  • A recent sign that my grandma had passed away. she was sick in the hospital and we knew it wasn't going to be much longer. Since her stroke 5 years ago almost to the day I have taking care of her little dog, Sassy. We went to bed late Friday night. And Sassy awoke at around midnight Friday night, and went running through the house, not typical for her. I got up with her thinking that she had to go out. She didn't. a few minutes later she went back to bed. I layed awake for only a few minutes the finally dozed off with Grandma on my mind.

    Come to find out, Grandma passed away that night at 11:45pm. Just before Sassy woke up.

    SIGNS? or not!?! I think it was Grandma saying goodbye to Sassy. :)

    Goodbye Grandma, thanks for EVERYTHING. I love you and will miss you terribly. Tell Grandpa I say hello. <3 <3 <3
  • I have this feeling-__: my sign is a colibri, that little colorfull bird that cant stop moving his wings fast, when I am pretty happy or in a wonderful mood aligned I think I always see one around.. it is such a wonderful feeling! It´s like God telling me "you´re doing ok keep on, I´m working on it ;)" I dont know, its my perception but I´m sure its not easy to find a colibri so many times and so easy. Other times, like yesterday, some words just pass me throu my eyes, yesterday I focused my view in a hallmark card with the word GRATITUDE it just jump off the other cards, I just smiled.
  • What is the difference between asking for a sign and synchronicity? Is asking, wanting validation and synchronicity just observing?
  • i also dont feel like ive got a grip on this manifesting thing. i want to be good at it, but its so inconsistant. please help...
  • WOW what great resonses! thanks to all who have shared with us. I am on several paths now and not too sure where my life is heading. I have made a career change and thinks its for the best then have my doubts about it. i am also starting an investing business in real estate. I am very excited about these two ventures, but somehow life seems out of balance right now. How can i get back on track with feeling like im heading in the right direction.??
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Are these signs?

So my lover and I ended our relationship and it has been very hard for me. I want him back very much and I am trying to use the Law of Attraction to get that to happen. I need to learn a lot more about it and how to apply it but I have been reading and trying to start as easily as possible. Anyways, I have been seeing my lover's name every where, a lot more than I used to (if ever). I've seen it in movie credits, books, and in other reading materials I also have been seeing so many cars that…

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Getting all kinds of signs!

For the past 3 months or so, I've been setting an intention to be the sweepstakes winner for Publishing Clearing House's $5000 per week for life. I've been doing everything from meditation and creative visualization to scripting and affirmations in addition to entering in the contest everyday. When I imagined the day the prize patrol coming to my house, I got chills all over my body. However, this past Sunday, I focused on my intention so much, I began to cry. I felt as if it was happening…

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My 11:11 signs

I posted a bit about my 11:11 in the main forum but it continues to get freakier and freakier and am begining to wonder what it really means so any advice or help would be much appreciated :)Basically it all started when I went to this wish site and posted a wish to get my ex back. I also did a second wish to become really good friends with his friends. The website said that I would start seeing the numbers 11:11 a lot more (straight away) and this is a good sign. Well it turns out that I didnt…

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Recognizing Signs

Does anyone else out there ever wonder how to more clearly see and understand the signs from the universe they're probably being bombarded with all the time? I feel like the universe is very subtle and I want to get better and hearing and following the guidance it's giving me. Any advice?

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