Maia in Abe Hicks Forum dropped this on the comment wall today. I love it! 


There was once a young man, very religious, who decided to make it his life's goal...a time-honored one in his reach Enlightenment before he passed over.  So...he informed his familiy and friends of his intentions, traveled up into the mountains and found a suitable cave in which to meditate for the next ...oh...40 or 50 years or so, sat on a rock and set about starting his journey.. 

He had carried very little with him of material goods, of course, and left it to the good people in the village...far far!! below, but just within his bring him "enough"...

As the years went on, and he grew older and skilled...he did indeed! attain a high degree of enlightenment...enough that others started coming to him with richer gifts to reward him for the wise counsel he seemed now able to give them.  And he was so pleased that he could help...  

One day, looking down at the village, he noticed that there was a Festival being prepared arriving, fires burning, prayer flags fluttering, and many people filling the little valley. 

He watched, and thought and thought about it.  He missed his friends and family...and thought, "Why...I've spent years!! here in my cave, and have achieved so much.  Everyone says so!  I am honored for my Wisdom....Surely??? it wouldn't hurt to travel down the mountain for a SHORT visit to the festival and share the joy of the holiday??"  

So he watched for awhile longer, and the crowds grew much!!  larger and more merry, while he became lonlier and lonlier by the minute...

He decided:  Down he went, dancing down the rocky trail with joy in his heart. He greeted some friends at the edge of the crowd, and they welcomed him warmly.  But as he stood talking with them, someone...a stranger...spotted a friend of his, shouted a greeting and BLINDLY shouldered  through the crowd to greet him.  In the process...he stepped down HARD on our hero's toes, bringing him almost to tears with the pain.  It was all he could manage!!  not to shout, "Why you....!!!!! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!!!!!" 

THAT!! was the real punchline, of course, Buddhists being wise enough to understand!  But just to be only the beginning of our hero's pain!  There was merriment aplenty... but also!!! a whole lot of SHOUTING...painful accidents!!  harsh words...the odd fist fight!!! ..indigeston from the rich food!!!  children running amok!!! ..old folks wandering off, getting lost.....and on and on. 

Our poor hero ended up climbing the highest flagpole, and among the fluttering colorful prayer flags shouting to one and all....."Pleaaaaaase!!! Stooooooop it!!!! I can't STAND it!!!!" a mere few minutes was a lifetime of meditation's rewards of enlightened wisdom  pretty much...cancelled.   Various ones in the crowd looked up at the crazy person with curiosity...   No one could puzzle out what was wrong with the Guru...??!!  They were all having a really fine time...   

                                     :))))   The End  :-)))) 

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