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  • This is one of my favorite forums here at Powerful Intentions
    Thank you to all that have contributed and continue to contribute.

    Powerfil Intentions is a social network
  • Another intention that has evolved over time here that I hold is to see and be a part of a change in this species that I think is being summoned through Esther from Abraham, that change being an upgrade on how differing vibrations can interact. Currently the norm is that unless we are associating with those of similar vibration to our own there is a blending that occurs where the two varying vibrations meet "in the middle", although that's not really accurate to say, there are lots of variations in that that I have observed. The limitations of this are that those wanting upliftment that are in despair, depression, powerlessness are by law of attraction MUTUALLY attracted unto uplifters (sorted with by the law, in other words) regardless of where the uplifter is on the scale unless the uplifter has specified that they will only work with those that are only slightly lower on the scale than they are. And yet we can observe Abraham stand in the vortex and work with those vibrating to powerlessness and depression and despair and in about 20 to 45 minutes of mutual cooperation where everyone is utilizing their best social skills.....the interaction happens without Abe coming out of the vortex and the hotseater is able to make it in the vortex, feel the relief there AND leave the hotseat with a clearly defined path on how to get back in now on their own over and over again until it sticks. In humanity somebody usually gets mad....often both get mad and the one lowest on the scale is naturally inclined to go back even stronger to their lower point while the one vibrating higher on the scale has the experience of having what feels like fun but really is not if one truly discerns...as they "kick free" of the lower vibrating person...they must disengage or find themselves joining the lower one on the scale in where they are...having gotten there not by the natural process of life experience but having gotten there by discord that was absorbed....and that is a very challenging position that they are now in. I've seen this happen to soothers as well as instructors, even watching soothers start manifesting old contrast again or contrast that they've never had that they are clearly absorbing from those that they are actively soothing...it just sneaks up on them. The missing peice in that is that a little soothing is fine, but Abe challenges the hotseater very soon afterwards...right around the time when the hotseater is getting irritated or mad...continually attempting to soothe an angry person appears to be where their discord starts being absorbed by those working with them and it's subtle and really tricky to work your way out of because you have expanded on behalf of someone else...which abe says an aber will willingly do. I could be wrong, that appears to be where Abe begins to challenge them to do the work for themselves, and that is how they are able to hold their stance.


    So, yes...a social understanding, a skill set that is beyond where life has really really been! I think these observable interactions are ready to be morphed into something more sophisticated and smooth, just as the emotional guidance scale has been upgraded into a shorter scale in the "going general method" recently laid out by abraham. Given Jerry's life experience and the life experience of his mom, I believe that this is the next phase of Abraham that Esther is staying here wanting to bring forth. It's up to us to summon it, by wanting it...and I do. And I believe that the greatest gathering of councellors and teachers that the world has ever seen that Abe refers to will happen by this mechanism, and I see it potentially happening here because of the incredible variety of emotional setpoints that come and go.


    And, I believe that this is inevitable. This is where we are going, I can feel it and it feels like foward and it feels good. And this will take a lot of pressure off of kids from their parents, off of parents from their kids (this is the upgrade from waves of autistic kids coming forth to shake up society and the pressure to conform in order to successfully live!)  and off of those that find pleasure in seeing pre-alignment croaking happening over and over again in this one and this one and that one and that one....after all...what else is there once you either have everything that you want materialistically for yourself (for the most part, fortunately no matter how good any of your stuff is, it will in time or via children get broken or wear out, lol) and endless travel is not desired yet in order to maintain childhood stability if you are a dad or a mom :)) (sign me up for a world tour or ten between my kids reaching full maturity and them having kids of their own, and then i'll be wanting to still travel some, but not quite so much)

  • Hi! My name is Patri. My intentions for being here are to revel in the freedom that I've found in Abraham, to bump into alternate perspectives that may show me what I'm not seeing quite yet in ways that are fun and easy to flow with in a social and focused environment. I'm also here to enjoy seeing  the gathering of energy of questions and clarity in the audience of Abraham, noticing how the message does indeed come forth as summoned....that is a really fun process to watch. I'm also here to stand firm in my best vibrational stance that I am able to hold and to appreciate the space that I am in. And...where else can I make up names for myself and everybody else plays along? Please call me DS for now!


  • I decided to look back to the beginnings of this forum, and I want to also say thank you. 

    I've been studying Abraham's work for about 6 years now. And I intend to continue to always be open to more processes and information from Abe for the rest of my life. I have gotten frustrated over certain topics brought up, but that only means I have work to do around them on my emotional scale. But in general Abe, Ester, and Jerry on this special time when Jerry has just reemerged, thank you for all being here and making this journey to understanding with me!

  • Hi, Marcy!
    My Intention for being here is to transform my life, my health, my business and my self to resonate with the highest vibration and abundance the universe can provide. I intend this to serve the Highest Good of myself, the universe, and everyone involved.
    So be it, and so it is!!

    (After I finish wiggling my butt into our new home, that is!!)

    Sim Plicity!
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