On Forgiveness and Forgetting

On Forgiveness and Forgetting

Guest: How does forgiveness of ones self and of others aid in the law of attraction and the law of allowing?

Abraham: In light of what you have heard us rampage here this morning, we have to say to you that forgiveness doesn't fit in very well with the art of allowing because you have to dig up what you are forgiving.

The strange thing about forgiveness … it doesn't have to be this way but it often is … is that when you hear people talking about forgiveness they're usually talking about what they are forgiving:

"Oh ya, it's a terrible thing she did to me … (saying mockingly with anger) and I forgive her!"

And what happens is anything you give your attention to activates within your vibration.

So if something has hurt you and you're working to forgive it, you are activating it.

Forgiveness is almost exactly the same and in fact we would say IS exactly the same as saying, "I'm going to deactivate this thing that hurt me."

And we would say the reason it doesn't go very far, and the reason people struggle so hard with the idea of forgiveness is because they keep digging up the stuff they don't want and keeping it active in their vibration so they have a stream of people they have to forgive.

They forgave their mother for what she did then kept it alive.

Then they had to forgive this lover, and this lover, and this lover and this lover … and every day it is an eternal quest to forgive.

And we say, "Why not just let it go and activate something that doesn't need forgiving?"

Any person is like a microcosm of the universe.

They have within them things you adore and things you would rather not see.

And if you are forgiving some of the stuff you don't want to see you are keeping it active so it becomes a bigger part of the personality that that person is giving to you.

But if you ignore that by activating the things you appreciate … ah, that's a whole other thing.

So we would give forgiveness a new definition.

We would say the ultimate way of forgiving is really forgetting.

And the ultimate way of forgetting really is by remembering something you want to remember.

Abraham - Albuquerque, NM 9.2.02

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  • Cool!!!

  • So true that the very focus on forgiving keeps that pain active. A wise lady I know has repeated to me... 'Now WHY do you keep renting space in your brain to that man? He is who he is, now get on with YOU!'
    Easier said than done, especially when he was husband for many moons and father to my sons, but I intend to focus on loving and sharing and being joyful. I get a lot of help with that here, so thanks to all. :-)
    • Yes Carol 

    • Give yourself a break and just tell yourself you will think of him less and less and things that feel better more and more, or anything that releases resistance.
    • There ya go, Carol . . . and your "wise lady" was wise indeed. Sure, like I said above, it's much easier said than done -- but so is climbing the stairs.

      Question is -- do you wanna GET up there, or stand down here WISHING you were up there? You can go anywhere you want as long as you're willing to take steps in that direction.

      Love your boys, and love yourself, and never fear to reach out for a brother or sister -- because we're all here for you!

      -- Pat
    • THANKS Pat for the kind words, for I appreciate them more than you could know. I'm done wishing to heal, intend to GET up there, like you said. Taking brave steps every day. Muchos gracias!
      Favorite pic I took below of boys when they were MUCH younger, teenagers now, so send prayers there, too. But they are gone at camp this week, so the peace is blissful. :-) Carol

    • Ah, you are much welcome, dear sister!

      Handsome boys these are . . . probably breakin' all the girls' hearts nowadays! Likely no danger of trouble at camp, but prayers never hurt. Meanwhile, enjoy the bliss of the temporary empty nest . . .

      . . . 'cuz ya know . . . once they leave for good . . . you're gonna miss 'em!

      Love ya, sis!

      -- Pat
    • Hi Pat.. you're just damn right ! I was keep trying to forgive him and at the end i wud never forget him. Last night i just finished with some part of LOA and found out that I wud never forget him with my forgiveness... and today seems like universe has guided to this forum, especially this thread. you just knocked my head! Thanks so much... for being here.

      Now i have to learn about the attitude "nothing is going to keep me down"

    • You got it, Prada --

      Only YOU control what you think, what you believe, and how you choose to feel about things. If you allow others to manipulate your thoughts and emotions, you lose big-time.

      What I did after my "crash-and-burn" crisis a number of years ago was get focused on Fixing Me and shoved everything else behind me. It all tagged along, of course, but I learned to ignore it by keeping my eyes forward instead of looking back. And I declared to myself that, yes, I can be bent -- but I can't be broken.

      Being a little stubborn about your own well-being never hurts!

      I'm glad you found something helpful in what I said. I don't know everything, and I don't pretend to, and I'm not always right, but I'm always honest and straight-up with people, and I have a lot of experience with toil and pain and disappointment. So if even a few of my words helps another find an answer, or gives food for thought, I feel good about that.

      Best Of Everything To You And Yours!

      -- Pat
    • Hi Pad, thanks million for sharing your experiences...

      It just makes me feel better and stick on my focus... forth and not look back. I like this " i can be bent, but I can't be broken" I use this as a mantra everytime I feel down..

      Yes! I believe you have helped people here with one or another way...

      Thanks also to Marcy ...
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