Abraham By Topicfor self study, quotes reference, topic specific personal experiences....Topics By Thread Here...turn the audio off or down if you prefer...There is also a discussion topic for this subject for those who really want to chew on this stuff..Click hereKicking off with a quote..Guest ..all time is now It all happens at once then if I can change the future in my present power of now, it means I can change an event in the past?Abe Indeed you can!Guest That’s what I get but I don’t understand how ..Abe You see the problem with discussing simultaneous time in a room where a clock is ticking. Is that you live in a dimension where you are aware of the passage of time. You remember past. You experience present. You acknowledge future.And so to say this validity that on a physical plane we all acknowledge as fact. Is not valid defies any reason. In other words there really is not any value in that at all. When we are speaking or when anyone is speaking about simultaneous time. The point that is most important is that all of your power is in the present. Your ability to perceive is always in the now. The only value that we can see about acknowledging simultaneous time. Is to realize that right now while you are this physical being focused in THIS time and place. Where you have structures of days and where you have a Sun that rises and sets .Where you can mark your passage through this time that you all agree upon. Is that there is a broader non-physical part of you that exists simultaneously but also has the ability to be focused in any other time or space that it chooses.And as you recognize the broadness of that perspective, that is when any conversation about simultaneous time begins to become relevant. It is NOT relevant in an environment where you are marking time. Or where you have history books or where you are digging up relics or that sort of thing. It is so contradictory within your mind that it is not a wonder that it brings forth confusion.Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape 1/18/92

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  • All that manifestation really is, is energy that is being translated from the perceiver. 

    There is thought and there is thought form and there is manifestation. Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder. So this time/space reality that everyone is perceiving is nothing more than vibrational interpretation. ~snip~ What you actually see as man or human is vibrational interpretation. 

    Billings, MT 6/21/03

  • The (often forgotten) value of TIME and SPACE.

    You are a physically focussed non-physical energy.
    You live in a time/space reality because it is fun to perceive relationships. (things as they relate to one another)
    It is fun to understand distances.
    It is fun to understand space.

    In other words, don't you like to be in this room but don't you like knowing that there is outside?
    Don't you like being on the ground but don't you like seeing your world from the air?
    Don't you like to be on a continent but don't you like knowing that the ocean is out there?
    Don't you like dept?
    Don't you love the way your eyes can look up close or can look off in the distance.
    Don't you love this time and space reality.
    Don't you love the rendezvous that time gives.
    Don't you love moving through time?
    Don't you love your awareness of time?
    Don't you understand and don't you adore the benefit of being able to focus?
    That's what all of this is.
    So, as you embrace "what is", as the advantage of the launch, but you ANTICIPATE the thrill of the launch, that is the best of all the worlds.

    That's the best of all the worlds.

    Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, 8 20 11, The percentage of being in his vortex

    from Abequotes

  • Earth, as a playground or a proving ground?

    Hotseater:  If our task is to decide what we want, then attract it to us, does that mean that we are in
    sort of a proving ground for the next…?

    Abe: Well, we wouldn’t use any of those words. It’s not a “task”; it’s an option. It’s an idea.
    It’s a basis of a process. But again, no one has assigned it to you, so no one’s giving you a grade
    about how well you’ve done. You cannot “prove” yourself to it.

    But what you’re getting at here, and this is as far as we will go with this idea that you’re
    upon—life causes you to expand and if you don’t keep up with it, you don’t feel good. So the only
    “task” is keeping up with what life has caused you to become. You’re a little bit like a two-headed monster, and it’s just so much more pleasant with both heads are moving in the same direction. (Fun!)

    Hotseater: Yes.

    Abe: Jerry and Esther have been walking around the property making dozens, dozens, dozens
    of dozens of dozens of decisions on the house that is being built. And they laughed several times
    as the electrician, or the lighting person, or the contractor would ask them a question, and Esther
    would say yes and Jerry would say no in the same moment or…or… And then they said, “We’re
    a little like a two-headed monster.” In other words, they both want to be in on every decision;
    they’re just not exactly in the same place on every decision. It’s their goal to be.

    Their intention is, and they say it to each other: “Nothing is more important than our
    harmony, and I don’t care about anything as much as I care about our harmony. So if you want
    it and I don’t, or I want it and you don’t, we don’t move forward on anything like that. We find
    something that we are both in agreement about.” And we say, that’s the way you are with your
    Inner Being. In other words, being in alignment with You is what matters most of all.

    Hotseater:  More than anything else. So this is actually more of a playground for us, more than a
    really learning environment?

    Abe: Well, you can call it a “proving ground” if you want, and there’s nothing wrong with
    that. It certainly is fun to not know and then know. It certainly is fun to be without something
    (and really feel the power of not having it so that you want it) and then find the Vibrational
    attitude that allows it to come. And that feeling of relief is your indicator that now you’re letting
    yourself flow to it. It is just so delicious. It is more wonderful to be a Deliberate Creator than a
    creator by default. It is so much more satisfying to consciously acknowledge that you want
    something that you have not, and then deliberately tune your Vibration until you feel better, and
    then watch the evidence of it respond to that. Even if you are in despair and now your new
    intention is to find the feeling of revenge, when you find it, there is a feeling of satisfaction
    because you consciously found relief. You see what we’re getting at? It’s the taking control back
    of your life experience that matters most.

    There is an undertone of your questions here that makes us really want to give this to
    you in a way that you can really hear it: You are free. You are so free, you can choose bondage,
    but you are choosing it, every bit of it. There’s no one else who’s assigned it to you.
    So you could say, the “proving” or the testing that you’re doing is life and the system of
    becoming. It is inevitable that you must expand. Whether you let yourself keep up with it or not
    is your option. When you let yourself keep up with your expansion, you have a joyful, joyful life.
    But when you don’t let yourself keep up with your expansion, you don’t feel so good.
    What goes wrong is when people say, “Somebody outside of me is calling all those
    shots.” And that’s why people think that God has forsaken them, because nobody outside of you
    is calling the shots. You are, you see.

    But it doesn’t mean that there is not that which you call God. It means that that which
    you call God is not seeing you as unworthy or in need of being tested. That which you call God
    knows your value, knows your worthiness, expects good things for you, and, in fact, stands over
    there as the full culmination of everything that you’ve asked for, applauding you and calling you

    toward it, and celebrating with you when you move in the direction of it and achieve it.
    Celebrating when you move in the direction of it, not even demanding that you achieve it.

    Hotseater: Very good, very good.

    ©Jerry & Esther Hicks
    San Antonio, TX – 11/15/08

    ( i think these are the two snips i posted yesterday that came up blank instead. vibrational glitch in me, clay for molding obviously)

  • Watching painful newscasts makes her feel pain.
    Hotseater: It’s hard for me to read the newspaper or watch local news because, often people that
    make those kinds of things see that as an opportunity to tell us terrible stories. Specifically, I’m
    going to tell one specific one about… Several years ago…

    Abe: Or not, or not! But why would they do that? Why would the news want to direct you to
    troublesome uncomfortable stories? What do they believe about you that makes that work for
    them? In other words, does the news guide the Vibration of the planet, or does the Vibration of
    the planet guide the news?

    If the news were accurate to the vibration of the planet, every day you’d turn on your
    television and there’d be a little zzzt go across the screen. And you’d say, “What was that?” And
    you’d say, “That was all the bad news that’s happening all over the world, in comparison with
    the good news.” (Fun!) Proportionately, just the fact that your sun came up today, is worth
    everything else all put together. In other words, your planet is spinning in its orbit in perfect
    proximity with other planets. In other words, Well-Being is huge!

    So, what is it about the newscasters? Who are they tapping in to? They’re tapping into
    the worrisome fearful. They’re counting on a large number of people being down there on that
    Vibrational part of the Scale where they are worried about things that they need to be guarded
    from, or guided against.

    And so, what part of you are they playing to? If they were playing to the part of you that
    is us, they wouldn’t say hardly anything that they usually say. In other words, those presentations
    do not attract our attention at all. So the question is, if you are drawn to it, what’s going on in
    your Vibration? What makes that a match for you?

    Hotseater: Just want to get this out. Okay, so… It’s really awful. For example, an infant, an 8-
    month old infant…

    Abe: Now you’re going to go there, aren’t you? (Fun!)

    Hotseater: Come on, please, please, I have to know.

    Abe: Why? Why would you torture us and make us go there? Why do you want to go there?

    Hotseater: Because I need to know about the nature of pain for people that don’t have the
    opportunity to… At least I can’t understand, if they don’t have the Consciousness, and they have
    no control over their surroundings, and they’re born to really bad situations, not even just human
    infants but…

    Abe: But before you go further, you’ve got to understand that this Nonphysical vantage point
    from which you made the decision to come forth, do you think you are not knowing the
    environment into which you would be born? In other words, do you think everyone chose a
    feathered nest? No one chose a feathered nest.

    Those of you who are feathering nests are annoying those Energies coming forth. No
    one chose a feathered nest. Some of these Energies come forth and they are born into these
    beautiful houses in these beautiful neighborhoods, with everything all decided for them. And
    they say, “Hey, what’s going on? I thought this was an environment of diversity. I thought there
    would be contrast here for me to sharpen my teeth on and put lots into my Vibrational Escrow.”
    Now we know, you’re talking about one extreme and we are sort of playing with you
    about another. But we want to get your attention. None of you come forth into an environment
    without knowing what the environment is. And none of you come forth expecting or wanting
    someone to have cleaned everything up. Not one of you said, “I’ll come forth, but first, get
    everything all smoothed out and then I’ll just come forth and look around.” Every one of you
    said, “I’ll come forth, and from this I will put things in my Vibrational Reality.”
    And when you think about it, think about the magnificent people that you have met or
    that you have heard about, and then listen (from their point of success), listen to the stories that
    they so often tell about their beginnings. And realize that in those beginnings (that you now
    would say, “I would not choose for myself or anyone”) from those beginnings, they put things
    into their Vibrational Reality that, if they had not been put into Vibrational Reality, this person
    could not now be living the magnificence of what they lived.

    Now we’re going to give you the answer to your question, and you’re going to feel it
    fully here without going into the gory details of the question that you are pointed upon. So hear
    this. You’re really going to like this:

    So, do you follow us as we say that you are Source Energy, even while you are here?
    [Yes.] And do you follow that this life experience is causing you to know what you don’t want,
    and causing you to send out Rockets of Desire that are going into your Vibrational Reality, and
    that the Source within you is maintaining and becoming the Vibrational equivalent of each and
    every desire that you are setting forth? That makes some sense to you. We know it’s conceptual,
    that it’s sometimes hard to get your thoughts around, but you follow the scenario of all of that.

    So, here you’re standing. And let’s say, you’ve been living contrast, which caused you
    to put a lot of wonderful things into your Vibrational Reality. Now hear this. That was true on
    the day you were born. On the day you were born, there were all kinds of wonderful potentials in
    your Vibrational Reality that were not currently being manifested, that were set into motion even
    before you actually got here in your physical body—all kinds of magnificent things waiting for
    you to Vibrationally catch up with. And now, we’re telling the story that you’re adding to it,
    adding to it, adding to it. So, it is a common thing for everyone to have a Vibrational Reality, or
    a potential, that’s far more exhilarating and magnificent than what they are currently living.
    Everything that becomes manifested was Vibration first. So, that’s just the basis of
    where we’re going next. We can feel that you get all of that. So now, let’s say you’re standing
    here having lived contrast. But you’re still aware of the contrast as you stand here. So now, as
    you look at that contrast, like the contrast you were talking about. You say, “Why in the world
    would anyone put up with that? Something’s gone wrong in the heavens. Something’s gone
    wrong with the creator of all of this. Why would they set it up this way?”

    When you’re standing in your now reality, in the absence of what you want, this
    contrast looks bleak and unwanted. It’s why we start with that question every seminar: “Are you
    enjoying the contrast of your time and place?” People say yes, but most don’t mean it. (Fun!) But
    if you could, by virtue of the thoughts you’re thinking; by virtue of the mantras you’re offering;
    the affirmations you’re offering; the processes that you’re offering, if you could get over there
    into your Vibrational Reality, into that Vortex, even before the manifestations have occurred,

    when you get over there Vibrationally and you look back at that contrast—every bit of it looks
    sweet. Every bit of it, you say, “Oh boy, bless that, bless that, bless that bad experience, bless
    that one, bless that one.” Because that equals this, and this is good, you see.
    So the whole key to all of this is, you’ve got to jump over into this Vortex, Vibrationally.

    You’ve got to take the emotional journey first. The physical journey will follow once you take the
    emotional journey.

    So the answer to your question is, once you have reemerged back into Nonphysical, we
    promise you, not one of you will hold one regret for anything that you lived, and not one
    judgment against anyone else who lived anything, either. Without the variety there could not be
    choices, and without the choices there could not be expansion, and without having chosen and
    expanded, there could not be the exaltation of all of that... It’s just, every bit of it, no matter how
    bleak it looks to you from where you stand, every bit of it worth it, every bit of it worth it, every
    bit of it worth it, every bit of it worth it.
    Now that is the ultimate of making peace with where you are, you see. So we know,
    there are a lot of people who would think that you’re a crazy person when you’re witnessing
    something awful, and you’re trying to find the positive aspects in it. And we say, you have no
    choice. You can’t control what others are doing, and if looking at what they’re doing makes you
    feel sick, then you’re using what they’re doing as your excuse to rip yourself apart from whoyou-
    are. And then you’re just wallowing in disconnection, using that as the excuse.
    You could do something different. You could accept that as part of a valuable contrast,
    and tune yourself to what’s over here. And before you know it, the contrast that you live, even
    the contrast that you have access to, is a whole other set of contrasts, you see.
    We don’t like bad things to happen to people, and we don’t like to see people in pain.
    But we would never eradicate unwanted things from this planet because you can’t start trying to
    control the components of the palate. Free will exists.

    What we are here about is teaching you how to tune to the best of life, you see. And if
    there isn’t the worst of life, how do you even know what the best of life is? And if there isn’t the
    worst of life, how do you even create the best of life? You can’t without that comparative
    experience. That’s the framework of the time/space reality. That’s what it gives you. It gives you
    the dimension in which to guide, you see. And so, God—that which man calls God—expands
    from that platform.

    Good time for segment of lunch.

    ©Jerry & Esther Hicks
    San Antonio, TX – 11/15/08

    link to full conversation

  • What we are here about is teaching you how to tune to the best of life, you see. And if
    there isn’t the worst of life, how do you even know what the best of life is? And if there isn’t the
    worst of life, how do you even create the best of life? You can’t without that comparative
    experience. That’s the framework of the time/space reality. That’s what it gives you. It gives you
    the dimension in which to guide, you see. And so, God—that which man calls God—expands
    from that platform.

    San Antonio, Texas November/15/2008

    link to full conversation

    Copy Write Abraham Hicks Publications (no affiliation implied or claimed)

  • buffer of time

    This is always true: What I think and how I feel, and what manifests, is always a vibrational match. But here's the big kicker: What manifests isn't manifesting instantaneously. So, you've got all this buffer of time leeway that makes you sloppy... If you thought a negative thought and a brick would instantly fall on your head every time, you'd clean up your thinking. But you're not here to be punished about your thinking. You're here to use your thinking—and your focus—to create.

    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Washington, DC on Saturday, May 7th, 2005 # 315

  • Before the contrast and before the summoning, and before the answering of Source Energy, the Universe was less. So rather than thinking in terms of time, think in terms of expansion, and then you will understand time in the way we understand it. We never think about how long anything takes. We are just enjoying the expansion. And so, our now is always powerful in our anticipation of what is becoming.

    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Saturday, October 27th, 2001 # 265

  • Soo..I'm transcribing some great stuff i got from Patra..Here's the first bit..

    Do we create or interpret our time-space reality?

    Q: I loved your introduction, it was perfect, of course..Do we create and reorganise reality, or do we just interpret it?

    A:Well you do both. Bc you don't create everyone else's reality, so you observe some reality, but you are the creator. And as in the story that we just told you about Jerry and Esther, even what you're interpreting is uniquely yours isn't it? So maybe it is accurate to always say you are the creator of reality.

    Q: Well, yeah, in the physical form i can see that, but if there is no time and everything, correct me if i'm wrong..

    A: You're wrong.(audience laughter)

    Q: Time exists?

    A: Are you kidding?

    Q: Well, i know our brains experience time and we project our story into the future and create..

    A: Well, if you're perceiving time, if anything exists, it exists because you perceive it and if you perceive, we perceived that you were here when we began, IOW you rendezvoused in time, iow it's always so interesting to us to watch our physical friends, living within the details of sequences such as timed meetings and then want to suggest that time doesn't exist when it's a very importantn part of your life experience here.

    Q: I understand that, but..

    A: Here's maybe what you are reaching for: time exists in this powerful sense: there is now.

    Q: Is that all you have?

    A: It's all you have too. It's Sunday in Australia, weird, Saturday in San Diego, it's now in Non-physical, it's now in all of those places, it's now.

    Q:So there can be no past or future if there's only now right? Therefor no time.

    A: Well, we see where you're going with that, but was there a before and an after?

    Q: No.

    A: Was there less and then more?

    Q: No. Small and large are the same. Is that true, i'm asking?

    A: We were going back to your earlier statement..Correct me if i'm wrong..Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong (laughter from Q and audience) You see, even as we're having this conversation there's an expansion, so the universe is more than it was even before this very brief interlude here. The universe is expanding, so of course there is more now, than there was before. It's ever expanding. So, why, what is the premise..What is the advantage of the timeless premise for you?

    Q: You indicated on a previous conversation that string theory was true. And that theory postulates eleven different dimensions, which you kind of agreed to as well, that there are multiple dimensions.

    A: There are as many dimensions as there are perceivers. Because there are no two of you, no two of any of us who are perceiving precisely the same. But, in order for there to be an environment that can be shared, like this time and space reality in which you are focused, in other words this is the thing that we so want you to hear, it is unsettling if we explain to you the reality of this vibrational universe and leave out of it anyone's ability to interpret their experience. And so the interpretation of the vibration that you all are participating in is a time-space reality interpretation. So you are taking a micro-cosm of all-that-isness and seeing this time-space reality, and you're right, you've applied the timeness of it and the spaceness of it, but to sit in the middle of all of this observation and then try to it's non-existence rather than understanding that it is an interpretation that is serving you that's what we're getting at. Iow, nothing exists, nothing exists in the way that you think it does. Everything that you see, all of this reality with all of it's continuity...Esther loves going to city after city after city, even going to her home town, going back over to Hawaii where they've gone every january for twentyfive years..It's exhilirating to see those same spaces, even some of the same faces in those places, the continuity of it is satisfying and we want her and all of you to understand that you are interpreting this continuity through your platform of life as you know it to be. But if that is not reality, then what could be? And if that's not the reason for vibrational interpretation, then what could be the reason? Iow, the thing that we so want you to get, that we don't think you're quite understanding yet, is that with all of this non-physicalness that is us and is you..That you focused here in your physical bodies, in this leading edge time and space reality..It is as you had intended it to be. You didn't say 'I'll go forth and i'll be oblivious to time and space,' you said: 'I want to focus a part of me into time and space, so that with precision i can explore and enjoy and evolve and expand and know! So we get a little animated when we know the power with which you have focused yourself here and then hear you now trying to de-focus that time-space reality. Because it has great reason and purpose you see. And then sometimes, scientists and those who are studying string-theory and other theories will then get a whiff of what non-physical is and then they try to imagine the non-phyiscal as timeless and spaceless even though we were on time today too. (laughter)

    21-08-2010 San Diego
  • Simultaneous time is something that from Non-physical we acknowledge. Because we know that whatever we can give our attention to, we are there in that moment. Simultaneous time does not mean what you think it means. It does not mean that everything you have ever lived is right here in the now.

    It means that you have access to anything that has ever been because you have the ability to vibrate with it. And therefore bring it to you. Simultaneous time has been misunderstood by almost every physical being who has ever used the word.!Because what you think it means is that your past present and future is all right here.

    Where what it means is ..all of your power is in your NOW. The only thing that you have anything about is where you are vibrating right here and now. As you are physically focused you do have the ability to connect with non-physical energy that has broader perspective. And this non- physical broader perspective of you does have the ability to look back into the 14th century, the 13th century , the 18th century. But let us tell you something about your Inner Being. Your Inner Being even in looking back will never address the Holocaust, because your Inner Being is pure positive energy. So when you do the only thing that you have to notice is you are disconnected from who you are.The source of that which you are you see. Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape 5/8/93
  • Actually, Ted and Sifter, and whoever else may be interested, my CosmoDot group is such an eclectic forum featuring Seth, Abraham, Bashar, the Pleiadians, Florence Scovell Shinn, Story Waters, Gregg Braden, James Arthur Ray, Bruce Lipton, and more to come as I find them, the idea being integrated study for integrative thinkers who want to explore existence from several different perspectives.

    Come one, come all -- or not -- as you wish -- and have a great day! :-)
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