Appreciating the birth of something new!

Today, I received a check in the mail for $2.27. Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot, but I've been asking the Universe to help me let in dollars for doing things that I love. For me, among other things that means music. I'm a DJ and for a while I had really gotten bogged down in the details of things and how everything wasn't flowing the way I wanted.Last Sunday I went to see a DJ from out of town who was originally from here (Phoenix) who has gone on to become a world class, renowned DJ. I noticed how much he seemed to revel in each song, how he shared that joy and exuberance with the crowd. It finally hit me that this is what I had been missing in what I do -- allowing myself to revel in the joy of doing something I love doing and sharing it with those around me. Maybe it seems simple, but I guess that's what it all gets down to.So in the past couple of days I've been looking for all those things I'd been overlooking, the joy I'd filed away because I got too stuck on all the things I didn't think were going the way I wanted. No expectations, just looking for all those things that feel so warm inside.And today appears a check for $2.27. Maybe it seems like a small amount, but right now it feels like a million bucks!

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  • This is nice. I used to randomly manifest refunds on car insurance.

    I'll take whatever I get and vibe on it for sure. 

    I got free lunch today!

  • I found a dollar at Walgreens the other day! And I was thankful! And I was celebrating and telling people! How fun! Congrats on your $2.27...................can't wait to see you post that you got a check for $227,000 ! !

  • This is wonderful!!! Isn't the joy inspiring!!
    Once we find the joy, we are flowing with the stream of well-being.
    More, More, More!
  • Thanks for sharing this Marc! I've noticed that just slowing down and actually paying attention that all is around me in that moment has helped me tremendoulsy. I try now to look for the good in all situations. It's amazing what you can see....feel....think....when you do this.

    Have fun!
  • That is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And let me tell you I celebrate every penny I find and I usually find one every day!

    I get lot's of checks in the mail and I just got a huge surprise one do keep at it, but most of all do it to feel good! :-}
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