17 Seconds of Pure Thought

Found a GREAT website with "68 Second Videos" - based on Abraham's discussion of holding pure thought for a number of seconds. There are great videos there (I uploaded some of them to the PI Videos) - one is a template where you can focus on whatever it is YOU desire. I encourage you to check them out!_________________________________________________________________We encourage you to play with spending 17 seconds on any topic. If you hold any thought, positive or negative, wanted or not wanted, if you hold a thought purely for 17 seconds, that at the 17 second point, another thought just like it joins it. And as these two thoughts coalesce, there is a combustion. And as these two thoughts combust, they are parlayed into one more evolved, faster vibrating thought. And when it happens, you feel it. It feels like heightened interest or enthusiasm. If you hold that, now more evolved, thought for another 17 seconds, then when you cross that 34 second mark, the same thing happens. Another thought like the more evolved thought now joins it, and there’s another combustion point. Only this time, it moves much further than it did the first time, because the two thoughts that combined were bigger to begin with. Purely hold a thought for 17 seconds until it combusts and another thought joins it, and the Energy in that combustion is equivalent to 2,000 action hours. If you work a normal 40 hour a week job, that’s about what you work in a year. 17 seconds of pure thought, allowing the combustion, gives you that much Energy. Your action is not very important by comparison. Cross the 34 second mark, and you can multiply your action by ten. That’s 20,000 action hours. Cross the 51 second mark, and you can multiply by ten again. That’s 200,000 action hours. If you can hold a thought, purely, without contradicting it, until you cross the 68 second mark — that’s just four times 17 — you can multiply by ten again. That’s over 2,000,000 action hour equivalent. We’re talking about accessing the Energy that Creates worlds. And the reason that it is not fathomable to most of you is that most of you don’t make it past the eight second mark without contradicting your desire.Excerpted from G-10/17/96 — Syracuse, NY________________________________________________________________To simplify it:17 seconds is worth 2,000 manhours (or about 1 year of action…)34 seconds is worth 20,000 manhours (or about 10 years of action…)51 seconds is worth 200,000 manhours (or about 100 years of action…)68 seconds is worth 2,000,000 manhours (or about 1000 years of action…)WOW! And the reason that it is not fathomable to most of you is that most of you don’t make it past the eight second mark without contradicting your desire. I guess I have been definitely falling into the “8 seconds and less of pure positive thought” group. Definitely something I need to work on and will make a concerted effort to do so.The videos on 68 Seconds can help! There are several there about money and relationships. There is also a template one that is just counting down the 68 seconds. All of them will let you focus in a more positive way so why not give it a try?!http://www.68secondvideo.com/(Found on: http://www.contemplatethis.com/archives/category/abraham-hicks/abraham-hicks-quotes)

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  • WOW, I did this one and it worked!!, there was a person that I had lost contact with for a year. I had tried every which way to get in touch with him. Yesterday did the 17 second thing.. and today he contacted me
    I just about fainted! I'm on a roll with this!
    • Yes. Thankyou for putting this up. I like the idea alot. As far as earlier discussions about not letting your mind wander, this is essentially what mediation is about. Clearing your mind of all the noise and clatter of life. There is lots of information on different methods and I recommend it whole heartedly as I find it is kind of like re-booting your computer. It starts everything a fresh for the day.
  • Many thanks for sharing!!!
  • THIS IS AWESOME! THANKS FOR SHARING. I will be doing this EVERYDAY to focus.
  • This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing!

  • I watched the money 68 secondvideos and I loved them. Thanks.
  • The video that just shows the stream (going downstream!) with the 68 second timer is fabulous - I get it started and then close my eyes and go to Visual Town! I love it!
    • Is the Magical box the same as the creation box? It sounds the same anyway.

    • Ok I get it , I understand that it is the feeling behind it that always makes the difference. How many of you have done this with success?
    • How exactly are you able to have 17 or 68 seconds of pure thought without your mind wandering? I have tried to do this but it's almost impossible. Does anyone have any tricks on how this can be done? 17 seconds doesn't seem very long but when you are trying to concentrate on 1 thought it seems like an eternity. For example, if you are trying to attract love, what exactly do you concentrate on for 68 seconds? Do you condentrate on just seeing yourself w/ someone, or at 1 particular moment? Do you understand what I am trying to say?
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