My dear Abe friend, Dan O'Connell is one TITITO guy. He had an aha moment this morning that I want to share with you:Abraham is always telling us to stop telling our story the way it is and to tell it the way we want it to be. This morning I made a tiny shift in how I do that which makes a huge difference to me.When I tell the story of how I want it to be, I sometimes have a hard time feeling it as real. Just saying "this is how I want it to be" means "that's not how it is now". It can feel invented and imaginary, and not true. Then I have to work to make it feel real. This is a common issue with visualization in general.So I changed to telling my story THE WAY IT IS in Vibrational Escrow. Now it's not in the future any more but right here, right now. And it's real -- I already know that, and I don't have to invent anything, or work to make it feel real. What a relief! What fun!The aha for me, is that it's not what I am becoming, but what is, here, now. Some of it is visible in the physical, some not. But it is what I am.It's a small thing which has great leverage for me. Hope it's useful to others as well.So many people have trouble telling the story of how they want it to be, feeling like they are making up a fantasy, something that is not yet, something in the future.Telling your story from the point of view of the WAY IT IS in your vibrational escrow and in the non-physical makes it true RIGHT NOW. No fantasy, no future, JUST RIGHT NOW.I think this is totally brilliant. This small shift in from what perspective you tell your story can make a big difference in the believing and knowing of your story being true. Because it is. Right now. In your Vibrational Escrow, in the non-physical, your story is true RIGHT NOW. And that of course will cause you to FEEL it right now and therefore vibe it right now, and therefore bring it closer to you in the physical RIGHT NOW.WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!BRING IT ON!!!!If you’d like to respond to Dan personally about this, come on over to the Abe Community at

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  • I liked this post so much that I joined the Abe Community tonight!!! LOL

    I just can't get enough of that Abe I guess--LOL some more!!!
    • I loved it! THANKS very much for sharing :)
  • Brilliant! And Helpful! Thanks, Sierra!
  • I love it!, you worked it till you found some way that feels better for you and WHA-LA!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's all it takes, like you said, it really is just small shifts in perception that change everything!
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