read The Secret a year ago and immediately began implementing its teachings into my daily life and instantly my life began to change practically before my eyes :-)! But I am struggling with one dillema: To make a long story short I have been wanting to manifest something in my life for about a's an ex that I would love to have back in my life.....Anyway I visualize, I keep my thoughts on a positive frequency, I daydream, I have a vision board with a picture of us as a couple on it, I write in my gratitude journal, I meditate, I have cleared out my life(including people I was seeing and my closet) so of course my question is, WHY HAS MY DESIRE NOT MANIFESTED??!! It is so close I can practically taste it, I come out of my visualizations almost in shock that it was just a visualization the feelings I experience are just that intense. But I am still ALONE, what am I doing wrong??!! My ex has told me that I am "the one", the love we shared is still there, I am thought of on a daily basis by my ex. So, I am asking what is the hold up then...I am not questioning the "how" I have left that up to the universe. But why has my desire not manifested yet? Does it mean that somethings we may want are not meant for us? I am getting impatient and discouraged I am trying to keep my thoughts positive but it is getting harder everyday....PLEASE PLEASE OFFER ANY ADVICE.Thank You in advance

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  • I believe Abraham might say " You're doing that thing you do!" You're noticing that the relationship you desire is not there. There is no "hold up", it's already in your vibational escrow. Align..........
    • That's what it sounds like to me too -- you're noticing the LACK of what you want, and that's the powerful vibe you're creating which is offsetting everything else affirmative that you're doing.
  • One to get someone back you have to make her want to be with you! She left for a reason logical or not. It goes back to the feeling level. Your manifesting should focus on being the person she loved in the first place.
    1. what changed in you?
    2. What have you been doing about it?
    3. Don't focus on being alone. That was my problem in my relationship.
    4. Focus on the outcome and being the best you can be and she will come back on her own.
    5. You may have to break contact for a while. This is the hard part. Let the heart grow fonder. Tell her what you are doing. That you are going into a self development period and do not want out side distractions or negative thoughts. Be on your own and focus on your self development. Keep a log of you thoughts so you can correct to obtain the outcome you desire.
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