Yeah what she said.  Deliberate posted some great links. 


    I'm gonna briefly paraphrase some of what I have come to understand about The Law of Attraction and The Art of Allowing through listening to Abraham-Hicks more for my benefit than yours.  I've been listening and listening and listening and reading and reading and watching and watching anything and everything Abraham for the past 19 months or so and I think I would like to practice more what I am learning.  Not to mention I have a local friend now who follows Abraham-Hicks and I can't quite carry the conversation as well as I'd like to and saying it all out loud helps me to use it.  Ok read on if you like.


    And really Abraham-Hicks is all about allowing but I gotta be physical and say, all that's none of your business.  And I don't mean to be rude about it.  It's just if you are thinking about two girls that you don't even know and feeling bad for their experience when it wasn't your experience, well you get to chose what you want to focus on and how you want to feel.   So as Abraham-Hicks says, "If (I) were standing in your physical shoes, (I'd) look for that which I am wanting to see."


    I am wanting to see people enjoying life.


    I am wanting to feel joy myself.


    I am wanting to drag my toes in the sand as the waves gently lap across my feet at low tide on a warm beach.


    I am wanting to eat delicious steak, seafood, Thai food, spagetti, cheesecake,huge salads, tabouli, salmon, bbq ribs, mac and cheese...


    I am wanting to open my bank statements and see at least six zero's before the decimal point. 


    I am wanting to travel to the South of France and sip the most delicious wines.


    I am wanting to live in my grand vacation home over looking the pacific ocean in Mexico.


    I am wanting to...


    You see you can't get poor enough to help those that are poor.  And you can't get beat up, murdered or killed enough-especially the killed-to help those that are beat up, murdered, or killed. And you can't get sick enough to help sick people.  So the best things you can do, are things that bring you joy and happiness.  Because that brings to you more joy and happiness. Which is why you came to this planet in the first place.


    Things that we physical beings consider sad or bad or awful, from broader perspective-and we're learning it too now as we listen to Abraham-Hicks-only add to the expansion of the Universe.  Kind of by default, because physical beings don't understand that we are accidentally creating/adding to the expansion of the Universe by default through experiences we are having.  Good and bad.  As we listen to more and more Abraham-Hicks we begin to understand this and we begin to understand that we can contribute to the expansion of the Universe by deliberate creation and that's the fun that I want to have. 


    Giggling to myself cause it's not like I have this all down pat. But boy oh boy saying or writing it really really helps it stick.


    So to paraphrase if you're still reading, you can feel sorry and bad for those two young girls whose total experience you have not a clue of, or you can turn your attention to something that brings you joy and attracts to you more joy. 


    And remember, "you're so free, you can choose bondage"


    Ok, hope I didn't offend. 


    Just setting it all better in my brain.


  • follow this link and then click "click here to listen" in the post. might give you a bit more overview


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