About the Law of Attraction "Not Working"...

I've typed this in a hurry and haven't proof-read it as I have a call coming up at noon. But I've seen several posts about the Law of Attraction not working, and thought I'd share this... slightsmile emoticon

In my experience there are four things that are needed in order to get results from the Law of Attraction. And I spent a loooooong time doing EVerything that was advised in order to get results: I Believed - actually, correction: I KNEW that it works. I visualized - with feeling, as if I had the result now. I did affirmations - in the present tense... a LOT. I kept going even when I wasn't seeing results... but, I didn't see the results. Until I did the following four things - and THEN it worked!!

1. You need to spend more time feeling good than feeling bad... A LOT more time. I was doing the affirmations, visualization and meditation, etc. BUT... what I didn't realize (until I started becoming hyper-vigilant and paying attention) was that in-between those activities, I was automatically, naturally (and unknowingly) feeling scared, worried, frustrated, and whatever other habitual emotions were running frequently.

2. You need to practice noticing love for yourself. I say "noticing" love for yourself because I believe we don't need to love ourselves - because we already DO! wink emoticon I believe we're born with natural self-love that is then conditioned out of us. We're conditioned to deny that love, and cover it up. A simple exercise to start changing this: Start noticing the little things in your life that you appreciate (you have electricity, shoes, the birds are tweeting, you got a parking space, the sun is shining... etc.) - and - here's the IMPORTANT bit: Recognize each of those things as EXPRESSIONS of LOVE from YOURSELF to Yourself!!! wink emoticon Say to yourself, as you notice each of those things: "Look how much I love myself!" and thank yourself. Whatever results you haven't managed to get yet, you HAVE attracted and created these things! So, although it will feel weird at first, say "Thank-me!" and "Look how much I love myself" - practice this all day. Until it becomes automatic.

3. Change the negative subconscious references. Change the "evidence" that your subconscious holds that "proves" whatever you're experiencing now... to "prove" what you want, instead. 
The "evidence" your subconscious is referring to is: data from childhood experiences. Just as you learned how to walk and run, and eat, and talk, etc. you also learned who you are and how the world works. And just as you automatically start running when you need to - without needing to think of every movement - because the knowledge and skill is subconscious - you also automatically feel sad, hurt, worried, anxious, unworthy, etc. - because, again, it's subconscious. 
So, the goal is to change your negative subconscious childhood memories to the opposite, positive, and empowering - so that they "prove" what you want now.
For example:
If you grew without affection and support, that could have become subconscious "proof" that you are unworthy or unlovable. 
Bearing in mind the subconscious cannot use logic or reason - knowing consciously that you were loved doesn't help. It's the "evidence" in the form of childhood memories that provides the contradicting proof. 
Also, bearing in mind the subconscious can't tell the difference between reality and imagination, and can't judge something as unrealistic... it will believe whatever new memories you give it. 
So, you would then change those memories to where your parents were loving, affectionate, fun, supportive, abundant, generous, healthy, happy, encouraging etc. And you felt loved, secure, valued, safe, talented, etc. 
THEN, your subconscious is referring to the NEW evidence that you deserve whatever it is you're wanting to attract in your life. THEN, it's easy and automatic to feeeeeel the feelings of it and to stay in alignment and you will automatically be a vibrational match for what you want.

4. Use Zero Tolerance! That means: Become hyper-vigilant, and the sliiiiiightest negative thought or feeling, immediately "nip it in the bud" by redirecting to something positive. Not allowing it to ever grow. The Earlier you catch it, the EASIER it is to change your state to positive.

Using these four things completely change my life, and I started getting results I couldn't have ever imagined, from the Law of Attraction! slightsmile emoticon

Hope this helps those who have been struggling. 

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