• I met a friend from childhood who was a in a Chritstian psydo LOA type cult. It ws way too far from normal LOA studies though. There was still very Catholic Devil's too, etc...
  • I spent some time with Scientology. What the do is pretty good, but they do have some weird ideas. The do believe there is Evil and Evil Beings. Their Auditing does release resistance. Charge is what they refer to it as because the negative energy can be measured in your body electronically.  I did get some good things from it. But, it is sort of Cult like in that they don't leave you alone! I participated in California when I lived there, they some how have chased me down both through addresses and phone numbers. They just don't go away, I still get phone calls hounding me to see what upset I had with them so that they can resolve it and get me involved again. I've moved 6 times since I lived in California, and through two States. They keep finding me. Which is too bad, because it is this type of behavior that is off putting.  I am really curious as to what Abraham has to say about them. I haven't heard them say anything in the past 4 years that I have been listening, but I could have missed it.
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    I did not even spell it right,  scientology


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  • are you in Scientology Jadestar? :D
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