Okay... I just saw the Abe DVD, "Think and Get Slim". It was magnificent! Anyway, I have a question that was sparked by watching the DVD and I thought I would pose it to my very wise friends here...Abe tells us to never look at "What Is" and that reality is relative and basically an illusion. Then, on the DVD, Abe said, "make peace with what is or where you are" and once you do that, you turn downstream in a very fast moving current and what you are wanting comes to you that much quicker. So... I was confused for a moment. If we are not to focus on "what is" (which I totally get), then why would we need to "make peace with it"? Wouldn't we have to focus on it to make peace with it? I mean, i see both points, really... but it's all kind of muddy in my head and I would like some assistance with getting to clarity about it.Thanks so much! Namaste :)

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  • DESERVEDNESS...I really like that word and I am deserving...just afraid to go after what I know in my heart is rightfully mine.
    • Can you identify the reason or reasons WHY you fear it?

      This is important, because you're back to definitions again. Assuming you already know what you're afraid of, how do you DEFINE that thing (or those things) that cause the fear?

      Find that out, and then see what you can do to change the definition to something that at the very least does NOT cause fear.

      The most important fundamental question you can ask yourself (IMHO) in any circumstance is:

      What do I have to believe is true in order for me to react to this situation in this way?

      The way you define things determines your beliefs about them, and then the emotional response follows. The surest path to self-sabotage is having a definition of something that doesn't serve you, and believing in it. So what's required is a methodical dismantling of your definition and belief structures until you've exposed the core belief(s) and root assumptions from which they stem, then very deliberately CHANGING those basics to something you prefer, which then allows you to change those definitions that did not serve you into those that lead you to a preferred state of Being.

      And I know -- I KNOW -- it's easier said than done. But that's the process that gets you there. Because once you change yourself, even a little bit, your outer world must reflect that change. If you want the image in the mirror to smile at you -- you have to smile first. And here's a little secret:

      Even if you have to fake it to begin with . . . the mirror doesn't know you're faking! And soon, as you see a more pleasant reflection grinning back at you, your own smile will become genuine.

      Trust me -- that works! :-)
    • Good advice...and easier said than done. I understand changing definitions...it's the believing that causes me to freeze in my tracks. It seems nearly impossible to redefine an entire life time.
    • Yeah, that's a tall order. But maybe you don't have to redefine a whole lifetime, but only certain key aspects and/or elements of it that represent the key trouble points.

      It's hard for me to be specific because I don't know your story, and I'm not suggesting that I want to pry into your personal business . . . but it occurs to me that it's not likely your WHOLE LIFE thus far is what's bothering you, but certain events within it. Unless you mean that the core beliefs you've held all your life are at the root of your current problems.

      Should that be the case, you're looking at a fundamental change in outlook and perception. So I guess at least in part it depends on how badly you want change, and what kind of change you wish to achieve, including which beliefs you have that you now know no longer serve you.

      Hope I'm making sense :-)
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    • No, I do not have to define an entire life time...a bit of exaggeration on my part due to the imbalance I was experiencing. I am much more stable now and I see that my outlook and perception of matters....are all that matter. So I can choose, and I do, to look at everything through my rose colored glasses! Yippee for me, worked myself right back to feeling good. :-)
    • YAY!!!!!!!! :)
    • :-)...I'm smiling!
    • There ya go, Cyndi, that's what I'm talkin' about! Good for you :-)
    • Yep, took me awhile but the contrast served me well!
    • my role model of the day.
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