I have read a LOT of bad things about Tinder, actually, no I wouldn't even say bad, just that a LOT of people say "Oh it's the hookup app."  I don't think there is anything wrong with people hooking up so I don't think it's bad.  However, I want a relationship, I want a boyfriend.  I've been on Tinder before, for a few months, I think, and while I WAS bombarded with guys wanting a hook up (instant sex) I ALSO got about 10 dates out of it at least and they were enjoyable dates.  I also met someone who was toxic for me it's true HOWEVER at one stage he even more of less proposed (point being, I think there ARE people on there wanting relationships too, even guys.  

I've tried doing things I enjoy for their own sake & I'll still be doing that.  But - although I haven't been doing THAT to meet someone but just for fun I got to say I HAVEN'T met anyone I like that way.  Yes, in the past I have met guys offline, I have met guys when I wasn't looking, I have met guys doing a fun activity and so on.  My last actual boyfriend I met at a karaoke meetup group.  But this time around that has not happened.

I've tried traditional dating sites and been bombarded at times by messages from guys I am NOT attracted to AT ALL.  And guys I have been usually haven't been interested.  On Tinder BOTH of you have to be attracted to be able to chat.

I've tried "not looking" I've been not looking & just working on me for nearly a year & I DID attract having a work colleague who I fancied but yesterday he walked out of my life forever.  

So....I guess what I'm trying to ask you is THIS:

IS it possible that, especially USING Abe processes on this such as positive aspects of Tinder and so on, that I could manifest that it DOES get me a relationship?

It DOESN'T have to come that way.  I could be on Tinder and yet meet the love of my life at the supermarket so I'm not saying it HAS to come through Tinder.

But COULD I, especially if using the processes could I soften that resistance which is mostly resistance I have picked up from OTHER people and actually attract a relationship with a great guy IS IT POSSIBLE? 

Like I said, I've been "not looking" I've been on a man-break that doesn't end till late April for a whole year but I guess I'd like to spend some of my final days of this man-break on softening some resistance around Tinder and I'd really like to attract an experience from it that is different from those who find it to be a hook up app.  I'd LOVE to find love on Tinder.

Also, I HAVE heard of it happening, people finding relationships through it and some have even found marriage through Tinder.

I've also been thinking a LOT about how I will do things differently and better when I go back onto it again & what changes I will be making in myself & I've even talked a lot to online guys about it to get a man's perspective, and read some new dating books.  Plus I'm listening to some subliminals on attracting a boyfriend & doing a vision board.

You guys, can I soften this? Is it possible to attract what I want from Tinder, even though a lot of people say it is not possible?

Especially armed with the Abe Hicks processes to help me? 

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  • Thanks for letting me know Queenie. It feels good to read your response!

  • Ingrid I just read your reply now and I love it a lot.

    It's wonderful, thank you!

  • I can't speak about Tinder specifically, but I found my last partner in the most unlikely of all (Dutch) dating sites and had a wonderful relationship with him for 8 years. Recently, I attracted a man thru a spiritual dating site. I saw his profile, signed up, contacted him and we were together 4 days later. 

    I believe it is not the medium at all. It's all about clarity. What I do when something I wish to attract is not coming my way is look at any and all beliefs that I've picked up along the way. I list them and then I let go by tapping them all out. And I make the whole topic as fun as possible, doing whatever I can to keep my vibration high around it. 

    Along the way I've come to believe that it is easy to find a partner online. If I feel attracted to a dating site or app, that's where I'll go. If I'm not attracted to the app, it's not going to work for me. 

    Hope this helps a little and would love to hear other people's experiences. This is one of my favorite topics :)

  • Can someone PLEASE reply here, I'd REALLY appreciate it thanks!

    I was wondering if doing processes like positive aspects of Tinder and pivoting and so on could help it be a positive experience for me DESPITE its reputation. 

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