I have a friend who basically gets what she wants.... (well, from my point of view).... she gets to travel, she gets the clothes, the car, the house, no need to work (her hubby does that)...


What I'm saying is she gets what she wants, for the most part. I'm sure there are things that are on her list that she's waiting for. 


The thing is, I don't think she's super happy or joyful person. I don't think she's overly appreciative or overly charitable. Actually, the times I do hear from her, it's something negative. Not all the time, but she's not overly positive or excited about life. However, she does have the attitude of, "I am a princess and I should get whatever I want." (yes, she has said this before)


So, my question is: if being joyful, appreciative and happy is part of attracting what you want, then how come she's attracting what she wants without being above average joyful, appreciative or happy?

Is it because she has less resistance? She KNOWS she should be given things, she EXPECTS them and so she gets them?? Is that it? Is she vibrating at a level of expectation?

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  • I would like to respond to this thread's title. If you are indeed happy and grateful, definitely you will see manifestation. The degree with which you are happy and grateful will affect the degree of the abundance of manifestation and how quick you see it. Here is the important point, though: If you are indeed very happy and very grateful, you already have what is really important and the manifestation is just a reinforcement of the feeling you already have. The good thing is that the manifestation is not necessary to have the happiness. You choose to be happy. Happiness is yours for the taking already.
  • I agree...this thread was eye-opening for me!
  • What a beautiful, informative, inspiring & empowering thread!

    Thanks, you guys! I sure do love it here on PI!! ~♥

    Wishing all of you a healthy, happy, productive, abundant and beautiful week!!

  • Here's the video...
    • Great video! Thanks for this, Eternal Dancer. It was another great awakening for me! :)
    • The pleasure is all mine!
      I'm blessed to have found this forum, thank you all!
    • That's great! Thanks!
    • I love it-- Thanks!
  • Hello Writer Woman,

    I thought you may like the following Abe video about success.


    It answers more or less your question.

    Sorry, don't know how to post it properly here:-)
  • These are all great responses. Puts my thoughts and vibration on the right track! Thanks!
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